Apple is Walking in Google’s Footprints via HTTPS

From your own SSL certificate vendor or SSL certificate provider, you may have heard that non https websites are marked “Not Secure” by Google’s chrome browser 68. Perhaps, you may have read this on the Internet. Well! That’s an old news right? But, did you know that Apple is also walking in Google’s footprints when it is about considering non http websites as not secured. Yes! You heard it right!!

Apple’s not secure warning is shown on its Technology preview browser 70, which is a browser used by Apple to test any technology. Soon Safari browser is going to inherit this trait and display the similar warning if non secured websites are opened on it. Nevertheless, the organization has not disclosed the timeline of implementing this change to its mainstream browser, Safari.

Coming back to Google; well! It already promoted the usage of secured web pages in the year 2014 by incorporating https in their SEO algorithm. Afterwards, it started discouraging non secured (non https) websites and finally accomplished its goal of showing ‘Not Secured’ warnings against non secured websites. It is Apple’s turn this time!

Why Should I Buy SSL Certificate or migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Well! This section is for those who have not yet implemented Https on their respective website (s). Most of them have this common question – why should I buy an SSL certificate? So, let’s start from the inception of Internet. There is no qualm to mention that http has played a starring role in the world of internet. In fact, it made the Internet work for the society. Agree?

But, that time it wasn’t majorly used to exchange the sensitive information between common people. Well! Http protocol establishes a non-secured communication between client machine and server. In other words, it enables the data to communicate from client to server or vice-versa in the form of plaintext, which can be tampered during its transmission.

We all know that technology has a nature to evolve with time, and has certainly revolutionized the digital world. Today, most of our daily based tasks can be accomplished within a few clicks. It has undoubtedly eased our lives. But, there are people in our society that have intent of exploiting the technology for their personal benefits. They don’t even mind harming others with their inapt actions. Well! We cannot change everybody’s mindset, but we can surely reinforce our web/online security. Yeah?

Here comes https communication in the spotlight. It adds a layer of security over the communication made between client and server. Be it online shopping, banking transaction, uploading medical info on the server or exchanging any other type of sensitive data, https secures almost everything.

Are You Targeting Apple Users as Your Prospective Customers


Huge organizations such as Apple, Google and Chrome are being very strict on the migration from http to https just because they want their users to be secured online. And, we are sure that Apple’s move to display warning against non secured websites is going to make a huge difference in the cyber security world.

In the core business terminology, losing customer is considered a sin. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a website owner, you can’t afford to lose your customer base that is connecting with you via Apple’s devices. Be it using PPC services, SEO or other marketing gimmicks to reach customers, the warning shown against your non-https website can be devastating for your online presence. Isn’t that correct?  Look… why take a chance? Let’s switch to https and discover the safest online experience by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

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