Best Paid and Free SEO Tools – Take Your Call to Grow

In today’s competitive world, the importance of SEO tools cannot be overlooked. Gone are the days when merely the blend of social bookmarking and directory submission happened to fulfill the purpose of your online marketing. Be it competition analysis, keyword research, Google Ads analysis, back link strategy, content management or any other SEO strategy, the SEO tools play a starring role everywhere. Since the competition in every business segment is on rise, their usage has become a mandatory factor to stay ahead than your rivals. Here, we have segregated SEO tools in four segments including Keyword analysis, technical SEO, link building/analysis and website’s performance tracking. Hence, the SEO apps are presented according to their respective segment.

Are you ready to discuss the best paid and free SEO tools to take your online marketing to the next level? There we go!

Keyword Analysis Tools

Google Keyword Planner:

Since the entire online marketing revolves around Google, so we will initiate from Google’s popular free SEO tool, namely ‘Keyword Planner’. Yes! It is one of the widely used SEO tools, which is a part of Google Ads platform. Used by almost every SEO company, it facilitates the user to choose the most suitable keywords as per their search volume, competition, CPC and other SEO factors.

SEM Rush:

This tool is used by most of the SEO agencies, and also known as an all-inclusive SEO suite that fulfills almost every requirement related to online marketing.  Be it organic research, paid advertising analysis, content auditing, competition analysis, social media tracking or lead generation, it works great with everything. However, it is a paid SEO tool, but can be used with a free trial for 7 days.

Technical SEO Tools


It is also one of the most popular SEO tools in its class, which is also known as an alternate to another famous SEO tool, namely Yoast SEO. Yoast and All-in-One SEO tools are almost identical, but when we discuss the usage, All-in-One SEO tool is a preferred choice of SEO companies. And, the credit goes to its features including auto generated description, canonical tag compatibility and bad bot blocker. Besides this, it has a simple user interface that makes it easy to input various SEO parameters such as title, description, keywords, social media parameters, etc. You can try the free version of this SEO tool and the premium version can also be tried, which has more features.


In order to fix the technical errors of any website, it is mandatory to fix those tiny errors that can make a huge difference in any website’s ranking. Yes! We are discussing on-page SEO errors. Usage of this SEO tool can help you or your SEO agency to audit your website, improvise its on-page SEO, competition analysis and even recover from penguin penalty. Isn’t that cool? In nutshell, it is one of the useful paid SEO tools that help you drive meaningful traffic to your respective website. So, accelerating your organic traffic is no more a daunting task if you are powered with DeepCrawl SEO tool.


This is a popular website evaluation tool used by SEO and PPC companies all around the globe. All you need to do is, input your website’s url for SEO evaluation. And, the moment you hit ‘Review’ button, it displays a detailed summary of your website’s SEO and social media status. The SEO parameters shown are title, Meta description, headings, keywords, alt attribute, broken links, xml sitemap, items, OG tag, page load speed, crawl errors and more. So, this is how you can determine the technical flaws of your website and fix them accordingly.

Backlink Analysis, Management, Link Building and Competition Analysis


It is known as the goldmine for SEO companies, and is immensely helpful in tracking your back links and keywords. This magical SEO tool facilitates you to have surveillance on your competitors (i.e., back links, keywords, etc.) to stay ahead. It lets you know the reason that why your competition is ahead of you and what can be the corrective measures to overtake them. It is a paid SEO tool, which allows you to perform an in-depth content research, link analysis, rank tracking, organic SEO monitoring and much more.

Moz Site Link Explorer:

Well! It is one of the oldest and most effective SEO tools available in the market, which has a massive number of users (i.e., SEO companies, SEO professionals) globally. It is an SEO optimization tool, which helps you track inbound links, linking domains, ranking keywords, DA, PA, spam score, top anchor text, and more. It can be used as a free SEO tool for limited queries and access. But, if you are looking to get benefited by its complete version, you need to spend some amount to get its full access.


Another SEO tool in the category of back link analysis or link building is Majestic, which has proven its mettle in the market with its unmatched features. It’s why it has become the choice of SEO agencies as well as online marketing geeks all around the globe. Be it ascertaining the backlinks, anchor text, trust flow, citation flow, referring domains, external backlinks or crawled urls, this paid SEO tool is useful everywhere.


There is no qualm to mention that this SEO tool has gained momentum within no time in the entire digital marketing industry through its stunning features. Well! Its fusion of displaying your competitor’s organic keywords and paid keywords along with the data representing monthly PPC clicks and Adwords budget is certainly a game changer. You just need to input the url of your competitor, and this tool is all set to scan the complete online marketing efforts performed by your rivals. Isn’t that so cool? Know your top competitors along with their traffic generating keywords and spy on them to grow. What’s more? This amazing SEO tools provides you with great reporting feature to measure your SEO ranking along with suggestions for the best performing keywords in your niche. Thus, I personally consider it as a value for money SEO tool.

Website Performance and Rank Tracking


Right after keyword analysis, competition analysis, technical SEO and link building, the next step is to measure your hard work. Right? And, it is the vital part of any SEO strategy.

Here comes website rank tracking SEO tools in the picture. But, according to the experience of various SEO companies, Google’s search console/Google Analytics is considered the best SEO tool in this segment without any doubt. It is a free SEO tool that lets you discover keyword queries searched by your website’s visitors through Acquisition tab. That’s not all! You can find your website’s real time users, traffic sources, monthly/weekly audience, demographics, new/returning visitors, traffic sources, bounce rate, CTR, cohort analysis and much more. Furthermore, Google Ad and social campaigns can also be associated with this account to give you a better insight about your website’s ranking.

In the gamut of SEO apps available in the market, these are the ones that are tested and approved by the best SEO and PPC companies worldwide. So, start beating your competition with the blend of your product knowledge and the efficacy of these paid and free SEO tools.

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Top 9 Advanced Google Search Operators Used By SEO Companies

What is Google search operator? The significance of Google search operator or search codes? How to search on google effectively? If you are unclear about these SEO related questions, then it’s your day to learn about them from the core. Google search operators are widely used by almost every SEO PPC company worldwide. They are queries or parameters, known as set of strings or characters used in search engines to narrow down the search results. They help us refine the data displayed against our search term on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Top 9 Google search operators that can be extremely helpful for you to obtain the desired results per your business need:

Exact Match:  Search query entered in double quotes is known as “Exact Match” search query. And, it can be used if you are looking to refine results for an ambiguous search result. It will also exclude the synonyms from your search results, which will help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Here, our query is “Best PPC Company in Delhi”, which can be replaced with your own query.

Google search code example: “Best PPC Company in Delhi”

Exclude a Search Term: In the event that you are in the quest of excluding a term or phrase from search results, you can use the operator, “-”. Here, the following query will result best PPC companies and exclude Delhi from the search result.

Google search code example: Best PPC company –Delhi

In this scenario, the SERP will display the results of Best PPC company instead of best PPC company in Delhi.

Cache: In case you are looking to identify any website’s last page crawled by Google, you can use this operator. Here, we are adding a website,, but you can input your desired website’s name accordingly.

Google search code example:

Allintitle: In the event that you are planning to research on blogs, you can use this operator to perform your search with specific search term in blog’s title.

Google search code example: inposttitle: Best content writing company

Inurl: In case you are in quest of finding urls that have a specific search term, then this Google search parameter can serve your purpose. This can be helpful in your SEO strategy. Here, we have used the search term, SEO services; but, you can use the search term according your niche.

Google search code example: Inurl:SEO services


Your requirement of finding webpages of websites containing a specific text can be fulfilled by this amazing Google search operator. Yes! If you are looking to find PPC in web pages of various websites, you can use it. Here, in this scenario, our search term is PPC, which can be replaced per your market.

Google search code example: inurl:PPC

Site: The site operator is used by most of the digital marketing companies to determine the technical SEO errors and indexing status of any website. Imagine if your website has 10 physical pages, but Google has indexed more than 100 pages of your website. Well! It indicates a technical SEO error, which needs to be corrected. Here, we have used as an example, which can be replaced by your desired url at the time of testing.

Google search code example:

Filetype: There are times when you look for some particular file format in any website. Here comes this Google operator in the picture. Suppose you want to find *.pdf files uploaded on any particular website, you can use this operator in that scenario.  Here, we are using the website,, but you can replace the website’s url as per your need.

Google search code example: filetype:pdf

Map: It is one of the widely used Google search operators by most of us and even the SEO companies to understand any location via Google Map. In this scenario, we have used the state, Delhi as our search term, but you can replace it as per your need. Here is the syntax of this Google search operator:

Google search code example: Map:Delhi

Whether you own a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer, using these Google search operators will certainly help you create quick and result-oriented SEO strategies.

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Top 5 Proven Social Bookmarking Websites that Actually Work

What are social bookmarking websites in SEO? What social bookmarking websites are used by the best SEO and PPC companies? How social bookmarking websites help your website get more traffic? How to do social bookmarking? If these questions are restricting your way to learn advanced SEO, then this is a right page to learn this popular SEO strategy.

Well! Most of the aspirants merely learn this term social bookmarking on a basic level. They add a few web pages on various websites for the heck of doing social bookmarking. A few of them do not understand the significance of social bookmarking strategy in SEO. Thus, we discourage the robotic learning and appreciate if they learn it conceptually from the scratch to boost the traffic on their respective website (s) within no time. Let’s begin with the definition of social bookmarking. All set?

Social Bookmarking Definition – Why It is Beneficial for SEO: Explanation

Well! Social bookmarking is the most effective SEO strategies, which is used by millions of SEO and PPC companies all around the world. In nutshell, it is a process of highlighting/marking your favorite websites/web pages on various social sharing platforms that are accessed by other users as well. Social bookmarking lets you add a detailed description of your products coupled with the related keywords to captivate the audience. Imagine if you have added a page related to your products on a social bookmarking website, which is accessed by other users looking for a similar or same product. Well! There are chances that your website will get visitors through this, which may also create possibilities for product inquiry, sales, etc. Besides generating sales, the traffic redirected from high authority website (s) helps your website stay strong in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). In a layman term, social bookmarking is helping you with two ways:

  • Generating traffic to your website, which may be helpful for lead generation.
  • Boosting your back linking to intensify your website’s ranking on various search engines.

Let’s go through the top 5 proven social bookmarking websites used by the best SEO companies to add value to your business and they actually work. There we go!


According to recent studies, it is found that Pinterest has more than 175 millions of user base per month, which is certainly massive. Isn’t it?

Powered with 98 DA and 81 PA, which may vary, this amazing website has everything that you need to boost your website’s traffic. Yes! Bookmarking on this website vouches the success of your business if performed aptly. Thus, make sure to create meaningful boards and pins per your business requirements and make quality connection to make your content visible to the rest of the world.


Another one in our list is Digg. Well! This social bookmarking website can turn out to be a goldmine if you have a unique and quality content. It is known to be a hub of highly engaging audience looking for detailed information on various topics. With 94 DA and 81 PA, this social bookmarking website has been standing sturdy in the tough competition of online marketing. If you are new to Digg, you may get confused while bookmarking your page initially. But, do not worry; we have a quick SEO bookmarking instruction for you here. Right after signing up, you need to scroll down the page to its bottom and click the link, namely ‘Submit a link’. Clicking this link will open a link submission page wherein your can post your website’s link. And, once it will be approved by their editors, it will be published accordingly.


Another interesting social bookmarking website, which is used by a huge number of content management, SEO and PPC companies globally. It is quick, reliable and owns 87 DA and 66 PA, which is pretty good from the SEO’s viewpoint. Hence, you can consider Folkd as a valuable source in your social bookmarking list.

The next contender under the top social bookmarking list is certainly It is a widely used social bookmarking platform owing to its great UI and powerful DA: 92 with almost no spam score. The content bookmarked here is proven to bring quality traffic to your website if published carefully. It lets you bookmark your desired webpage via adding its link or you can scoop the content without link as well.


Moving forward in the arena of top social bookmarking websites, Slashdot seems a strong candidate with its worldwide prevalence and eye-catching SEO metrics. Its blend of 92 DA and a large number of quality back links isolates it from the crowd. In order to submit your story, you just need to input its Title, Scoop or story’s description and url. That’s’it! You are ready to rock the world.  Besides this list, you can consider Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitter and Reddit for social bookmarking.

Here, our motive is to provide you with only quality social bookmarking websites instead of jotting down a huge futile list.  This is how you can bring high quality traffic to your website, which will skyrocket your Alexa ranking too. So, get profited by driving the right traffic to your website today.

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SEO Strategy in 2019 – 2020 Proven to Achieve Goals 90% Faster

Your SEO strategy in 2019? What are your SEO objectives in 2019 or SEO target in 2019?

Well! Whether you are running an SEO company, providing freelance SEO services or looking for the new SEO services for your business, these questions will surely arise. Right? And, obviously you should care about it because it’s the matter of achieving your business objective. So, let’s begin with this proven SEO plan of 2018!

Here are some of the high level measures that are essential for an effective SEO strategy in 2019 to attain 90 faster results than any other SEO strategy:

Target Evaluation:

Success has different meanings and is measured in various ways. For some of us, it is merely generating revenue, and for others it is associated with the blend of brand value, helping the society and earning profits accordingly. Before starting SEO planning, it is essential to figure out how the success will be measured after three months, six months or a year. Are we looking for generating revenue through our existing customers, new clients, up-selling or any other specific activity? Make sure each member in your online marketing team understands it well. One of the most common targets given to the marketing teams is revenue generation, which is also known as the foundation of SEO planning.

In most of the business cases, the rise in number of new customers is also a sign of improvised revenue.  Once, you determine the number of new customers needed, you can work more efficiently on Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), website visitors and conversion rates.

Set the Benchmarks to Accelerate the Progress:

Right after knowing the number of required customers, you need to evaluate the percentage of this objective to be achieved via SEO. Your ability to hit your SEO goal can be measured based on this series of benchmarks, which define where your brand stands today. Here are a few of them to boost your SEO planning. :

  • SEO standing or Share of Voice (SOV): In order to determine the rank of your respective brand, we measure our SEO standing, which is also known as share of voice. Have you made the descriptive analysis of keywords or search queries leading to rank your website on the first page of Search Engine Result Page (SERP)? Well! It is helpful to find out the content, which is ranking whether it belongs to us or our competitor. In other words, it is useful for competition analysis (i.e., distribution channels, back link strategy, citations, etc.).
  • Dig into the competition analysis: In order to win any competition, you need to understand it well. Right? Thus, using SEMrush’s gap analysis tool is extremely useful that lets you know that the keywords that are your competitors are ranking on. It enables you to get the most powerful keywords that are meaningful for your business. Know the difference in revenue generated by organic search and paid search and set quarterly benchmarks to evaluate the overall growth of your venture. This is how you can initiate a great SEO strategy.
  • Have a look at Conversion Rates: Do you have a count on number of visitors that are converting into leads or customers? If not, then it needs to be taken seriously, as these parameters help you measure the performance of your SEO strategy or digital marketing team. You can segregate the conversion rate according to various channels such as Organic search, paid search, direct traffic, paid social, email marketing, social media, referrals, etc.
  • Make Your Website Free from Technical SEO Errors: Control the factors that are restricting your website from being ranked well. Yes! We are talking about the on page issues, website’s critical errors, link building issues, etc. For instance, a 404 error on any of your website’s page can impact your website adversely. Thus, ensure you are correcting them according to Google’s guidelines. Make sure you take good care of Technical SEO errors in your SEO planning because making a tiny mistake here can restrict the acceleration of your website’s ranking.

All Set? Time to Execute Your Core SEO Strategy or Action Plan:



Right after deep analysis, it’s time to initiate the execution of your SEO strategy. Here are some of the useful points that are needed to perform the same:

  • Bring the right audience to your website via web traffic
  • Focus on the quality of traffic instead of quantity because you don’t want to increase your bounce rate
  • Boost the volume and quality of the qualified leads
  • Increase the number of customers

Your SEO plan may vary as per your benchmarks, market competition, budget availability, or the demand of your product. Augment your SEO reach by creating meaningful content as per your niche and identity the useful topics to write that are not yet ranked online.

Conclusion about Your SEO Strategy in 2019 – 2020

Last but not the least, increasing CTR and conversion rates, and reducing the threat of rank loss are some of the very important factors for any SEO strategy. Here are a few more things to remember:

Ensure your CTR is apt as per your target. In the event that it is not up to the mark, reevaluate your website’s performance (i.e., loading time, HTML design, UX, engagement metrics, on page SEO, website’s rating on third party websites, etc.)

At the time of revamping your website, keep a check on the critical errors displayed in search console and try to fix them ASAP as per Google’s guidelines. They may be related to indexing, page not found (404), duplicate content, etc.

In order to get the best out of your SEO plan or strategy, you need to have apt budget and timeline. So, if you are in the quest of making noteworthy SEO contribution to your marketing goal, make sure to have a fusion of the right budget and resources.

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Is Your Chromecast or Smart TV Viewed by Others Unethically?

Chromecast devices, smart TVs and Google Home speakers, if you think that they are foolproof from the data security’s viewpoint, think again. If they are not configured well, you may come across cyberattacks. A massive number of Chromecast devices, smart TVs (e.g., Using Google’s technology) and Google Home smart speakers are hacked by a group of hackers in the very first month of 2019. And, this attack is known as CastHack.

Let’s Learn What is CastHack Attack in Detail

Two hackers namely HackerGirrafe and J3ws3r have hijacked a massive number of Google’s smart TVs, home speakers, and Chromecast devices. In order to perform this unethical action, they have exploited a bug, which was overlooked by Google in the past. They have hacked Chromecast feeds, smart TVs to promote the “Pewdiepie” youtube channel. In other words, they managed to display a pop-up on all these devices, asking viewers to subscribe Pewdiepie channel as a mandate. In order to execute this attack or taking devices in their control, hackers took advantage of inaptly configured router settings. This is how they were successful in displaying their desired content on the connected devices (e.g., Chromecast, smart TV, Google Home Speakers, etc.).

Let’s get into the past (late last year) for a while. Yes! These hackers hijacked thousands of internet connected printers for printing out a document, asking users to subscribe Pewdiepie channel.

Google has acknowledged it and received reports from users who experienced these unauthorized videos being played on their device (s). Right after researching the matter, Google has mentioned that this attack took place owing to inapt router configuration.

How to Stay Safe against CastHack Attack


In the event that you have come across CastHack attack, all you need is to turn off universal Plug and Play (UPnP) on your router.  Unsure about UPnP ? Well! It is a set of protocols that configure and connect devices within the same network.

HackerGirrafe and J3ws3r have stated that these attacks are executed to help technology giants further improvise their security instead of harming users. Last, but not the least, it is our responsibility to stay updated with technology to keep these types of data & network security attacks at bay. Have a safe online journey.

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Content Marketing Planning & Strategy – Real Drupal Case Study

If you own a content writing agency or an online marketing agency, you must have understood the importance content marketing planning. Right? Well! A well written digital content strategy can certainly help you overtake your rivals in your niche as fast as a speeding comet. So, let’s quickly understand this digital content strategy, which is implemented by innumerable online marketing and content writing agencies globally. This content marketing planning has a blend of generic online marketing measures along with exclusive parameters for a software development company that develops Drupal applications. Here, we are considering India as a target market and using the free online marketing tools for the evaluation and execution of our digital content and marketing strategy.




Here are the goals of this content marketing planning:


  • Captivating audience through spreading awareness in respect to the brand and technology.
  • Helping users get more clarity into the concepts of Drupal development.
  • Getting leads via email marketing, blogging, etc.
  • Pitching products and services for generating sales.


  • Boosting Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) to boost online visibility
  • Augmenting trust flow and citation flow
  • However, Alexa is not a very important metric nowadays, but increasing it for a layman, is still a good practice.
  • Creating strong link building strategy to get the traffic on the respective website.
  • Local citations to accelerate visibility.

Buyer Persona and Keyword Analysis

In this section, we will analyze our targeted customers. This process is performed to determine buyer persona. Knowing your targeted customers thoroughly helps you develop more meaningful content marketing planning for better ROI.

Now, there are two directions of digital content strategy you can follow here:

Target the Existing Market: This market is already there, which means you know about the people or industries that need your products or services.

Target the New Market. Here, your strategy will be to become a trendsetter in any new industry. It is based on spreading awareness in any industry and pitching your products for sales accordingly. Let’s understand this content strategy with an example. In the field of SSL certificates, most of the marketers were approaching the entire web development industry. But, some forward-thinking marketers analyzed that SSL certificates became one of the ranking factors in online marketing. Thus, they narrowed down the niche and focused on digital marketing industry to generate quick leads. In other words, they targeted SEO companies and nurtured them about the benefits of SSL certificates to generate sales.

Similarly, a good keyword analysis in any niche is extremely helpful to bridge the gap between your content and its targeted end users. It’s always a beneficial practice to research a keyword before creating digital content strategy in your respective niche. The research includes keyword’s search volume, its CPC bid and competition.

Tools According to Drupal’s Niche: Google Ads, Keyword Everywhere, Google Trends, Uber suggest and manual searching as per your targeted customer’s intent

Here are the useful keywords according to Drupal’s Niche:

  • Drupal Development Company:  Volume (590), CPC ($13.21), Competition (0.23)
  • Drupal Services: Volume (720), CPC ($30.09), Competition (0.24)
  • Drupal Agency: Volume (320), CPC ($65.03), Competition (0.65)
  • Hire Drupal Developers: Volume (390), CPC ($53.45), Competition (0.28)
  • Drupal Development Company in India: Volume (170), CPC ($8.64), Competition (0.53)
  • Drupal 8 : Volume (18, 100), CPC ($5.06), Competition (0.11)
  • Drupal Download: Volume (5400), CPC ($6.26), Competition (0.05)
  • Drupal Development: Volume (2900), CPC ($54.06), Competition (0.46)
  • Drupal Coder: Volume (590), CPC ($7.08), Competition (0.12)
  • The SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and search volume needs to be cross checked with Uber suggest and Google Trends respectively.

However, local search keywords in this case have no search volume, but we will still rank them in local searches to increase our visibility. It will work as a foundation of our content marketing planning. Here is the flow in ascending order:

  1. Drupal Development Company in Delhi
  2. Drupal Development Company in India
  3. Drupal Development company
  4. Drupal Company

Competition Analysis – The Core Component of Your Content Marketing Planning



In order to beat the competition, it is necessary to analyze it. According to the market (India) and niche (Drupal Development), these are the top competitors:

 Keywords used for competition analysis:  Hire Drupal Developer (390), Drupal Development Company in india (590)

For instance, let’s consider as our competitor. Now, we have used a competition analysis tool, namely SpyFu to find the following details:

  • Organic Keywords: 470
  • Est.. Monthly SEO Clicks: 1.1K
  • Keywords Ranking on First Page: 12
  • Top Organic Keywords:
  • Hire PHP Developers in India
    1. PHP Developers in India
    2. App Developers in India
    3. Mobile Apps Development India
    4. PHP Developer in India

However, this organization is working on the PHP platform instead of Drupal, but our keyword ‘Hire Drupal Developer’ brings this company in SERP.

Inbound Links: Here is one of the major sources of its inbound organic traffic   >>> 6.4 m monthly clicks

For back link analysis in our content marketing planning, we can use ahref, SEMrush and SEO profiler as well. Since, this company is not doing paid advertising; we are analyzing another company to evaluate paid advertising. For instance, we are analyzing a Drupal company spending on paid advertising in the USA.

Company’s url:

Top Paid keywords:

  • Drupal Migration
  • Open Source Portal Solutions
  • Open Source Enterprise Portal
  • Freeware Intranet

Setting Google Alert on your rival’s website or keyword is also a good idea.

Content Creation: Blogs/Vlogs/PDFs/Use Cases/Press Release and Its Circulation – Vital Factor for Content Marketing Planning



For creating meaningful content, you can use a content marketing tool, namely Buzzsumo. It will help you determine the most engaging topics to write as per your business domain. Well! It has been widely used by a massive number of online marketing and content writing  companies worldwide. Here are a few top-notch articles:

  • Drupal Core – Highly Critical – Public Service Announcement : FB Engagement (81), Twitter Shares (293), Reddit Engagement (12)
  • Best Drupal Web Development Service Providers
  • Top 10 Companies Offering Best Drupal Services
  • Using Drupal 8 and Amazon Web Services Internet of Things to Power Digital Signage

We can create our digital content strategy according to these topics and input our desired keywords. Besides link building, the content can be shared with top influencers as well.

Top Influencers for outreach campaigns in this content marketing planning:

  • Martin Richardson (
  • Jerdavis (

Blogs, Vlogs, answering tech questions on Quora and tech PDF’s will be chosen to create content. Moreover, we can swap the content format to accelerate its visibility. For instance tiny changes made to web content and converting it into PDF can bring faster results and visibility. These PDFs can be shared on exclusive PDF sharing platforms including:

  • net
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com, etc.

Make sure to add a video on various video marketing platforms and optimize them aptly:

  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Sprout Video
  • MetaCafe

Let’s discuss paid advertising as a part of our content marketing planning. Here, we are working on a tech niche; thus, focusing Google Ads, Linkedin and Twitter will be more meaningful to get quality leads. On the contrary, the content can be shared in various business related groups. Running adverts on Facebook can also bring good results.

Content Audit – A Crucial Part of Your Content Marketing Planning

Content audit plays a vital role to evaluate the performance of your content. You can make use of keyword mapping, Google Analytics and Search console to measure its performance and engagement. Make sure that your website is performing well on various metrics including CTR, bounce rate, session per user, behavior flow, session time, new user, etc.

Other Measures of Content Marketing Planning:

  • Google and Bing Business Listing Optimization
  • Local citation
  • Adding Schema to your Articles
  • PBN for link building
  • Regular guest post submission on high authority websites
  • Meaningful blog commenting.
  • Optimizing on page of your website as per your niche (e.g., keyword density & proximity, Title, Meta, OG tag, url, etc.)
  • Web 2.0 Submission along with their bookmarking
  • Forum submission with meaningful participation
  • Image optimization
  • Maintaining a content writing and marketing calendar
  • Linkedin Profile optimization
  • Effective Email Campaigns

The above mentioned measures are proven tips used by some of the best content writing companies in India, USA, UK and other countries all around the globe. Reinforce your online presence and be noticed to raise your ROI to the next level. The right time to revamp your content marketing planning is now. Good Luck!

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Broad Match vs Phrase Match vs Exact Match – Google Ads 2019

Broad match vs phrase match vs exact match? What are Broad Match keywords? What are Exact Match keywords? What is Phrase Match keyword? What is broad match modifier definition? If these doubts are hampering your Google Adwords campaign management, then today you are going to learn them all. So let’s go step-by-step and understand what are the broad match keywords and broad match modifiers in the beginning.

Broad Match Keywords – Definition:

The keyword type namely, broad match is known to be the default match type of Google Ads. In the event that you do not specify any match type of your campaign, your ads automatically run on broad match. It means they will be triggered on all the possible variations of your keyword (s). These variations can be of plural forms, misspellings, keyword additions, stemming (e.g., write, writing, etc.), synonyms, related searches, etc. So, if a few terms are not part of your keyword, but are followed by your keyword, your ad may appear in Google Search results. However, this technique brings more visitors to your website, but all of them may not be relevant to your business domain.

Example of Broad Match Keyword:

If your keyword is PPC company in Delhi, the ad may trigger on the following keywords too:

  • Company in Delhi
  • PPC Company
  • Best PPC Company in Delhi
  • PPC companies
  • Adwords management company in Delhi
  • PPC agencies in Delhi
  • PPC organizations
  • Top PPC companies in Delhi

What is Broad Match Modifier – Definition?

The next one in the list is broad match modifier, which is known as an advanced version of broad match Keyword type. Yes! Broad match modifier helps you create more conversion driven campaigns as compared to the simple broad match keyword type. As mentioned before, merely using broad match keyword can make you spend more on Google Ad campaign. Why? Well! The reason is that simple broad match keywords may trigger unwanted leads along with your business specific leads. This is why broad match modifier came in the picture.

Modified broad match keyword helps you refine leads as per your business requirements.  They facilitate you to specify that certain broad match keyword terms or their closed variants must be present to make your ad appear in search result. It can be extremely helpful if your quest is to get only the meaningful queries under a set budget. Remember! Here, the close variants do not include related searches or synonyms. They include synonyms, misspelling, singular, plural, abbreviations, acronyms, stemming, etc.

Let’s understand broad match modifier a little bit more for bringing more clarity to it. Well! A broad match modifier makes your ad visible if anyone’s search query has keywords marked with + sign. Now, this ‘+’ sign transforms broad match to broad match modifier.

Example of Broad Match Modifier:

If your broad match modifier keyword is +content +writing company in Delhi, then your ad will trigger on the following search queries:

Search Query Advertisement Result
Content writing in Delhi Yes
Content Company in Delhi No
Content writing services in Delhi Yes
Writing company in Delhi No


In nutshell, the search query must have both broad match modifier terms to display your advertisement.

What is Phrase Match Keyword – Definition

With phrase match, you can show your ad to customers who are searching for your exact keyword and close variants of your exact keyword, with additional words before or after.

Phrase match is used to further refine your leads. Yes, you got it right! Phrase match displays your ad only if any search query exactly matches your keyword (s), their close variants and additional words before or after. Attention! Here, close variants include misspellings, abbreviations, stemming (), singular and plural forms. Another important thing in Phrase match is the order of words in search query. In other words, your ad will not be displayed if there is an additional world between your main keyword.

Phrase match keyword is represented with a sign, “”. Let’s take an example of a phrase match keyword, “Soccer Jersey”:

Example of Phrase Match Keyword:

Search Query Advertisement Result
Exclusive Soccer Jersey Yes
Buy Soccer Jersey at Discount Yes
Red Soccer Jersey Yes
Jersey for Soccer No
Soccer T-shirt No

What is Exact Match Keyword – Definition

Exact match keyword is one of the smartest Google Adwords keyword types that show your ad to the customers, searching for the exact keyword or close variants. Exact match keyword type is represented with a sign, [].  Attention! The close variants in Exact Match Keyword type are a bit different than phrase match Keyword or broad match keyword type. Here, close variants comprises search intent as well.

In simplified language, if the meaning of somebody’s search query matches with your keyword, then it makes your ad triggered in search results. Close variations in Exact Match Keywords allow us to have an opportunity to connect with the customers, looking for our services. Here, you are no longer required to create a list of innumerable keywords as you do it in broad match, broad match modifier and phrase match respectively. Moreover, exact match keyword type is known to deliver more conversions, as it works on displaying your ad as per the intent of search query regardless of spelling, grammar, etc.

Be it the search query “Soccer Jersey” or “Jersey for Soccer”, the intention of your audience remains the same. Yes, they are looking for soccer jersey. Right?

Here is the list of close variants in exact match keyword type when your ad will be shown under exact match keyword type:

  • Same intent
  • Singular and plural forms
  • Stemming
  • Paraphrase
  • Implied words
  • Abbreviation
  • Reordered words with same meaning (e.g., [soccer jersey], [jersey soccer], etc.)
  • Conjunctions, prepositions, articles (e.g., [shoes for men], [men shoes])
  • Synonyms
  • Same search intent (e.g., If your exact match keyword is [Cricket bat], your ad will be showed on search query, buy bat for cricket)

Example of Exact Match Keyword Type:

If your exact match keyword is: [Pants for Men], then here is its display status as per various search queries:

Search Query Advertisement Result
Pants Men Yes
Men Pants Yes
Men Pant Yes
Pants for a Man Yes
Red Pants for Men No
Buy Men Pants No
Gyming Pants No

If your exact match keyword is [bathing suits], here is the display ad result:

Search Query Advertisement Result
Swimming suits Yes
Competition swimwear No
Suits for Swimming Yes

Last but not the least, in the event that your exact match keyword is [Images royalty free], then here is the display ad result:

Search Query Advertisement Result
Free copyright image Yes
Stock images No
Freeware copyright images Yes

Phrase Match vs Exact Match

In the battle of phrase match vs exact match keyword type, exact match is known to be more advanced keyword match type owing to its meaningfulness. Exact match is extremely helpful to deliver the meaningful search results to the customers, which certainly saves their time as well as ours. But, it does not mean that you are suggested to only use the exact match keyword instead of other Adwords keyword types. Well! It entirely depends on your business requirements, as the nature of every business may vary.

The changes to the close variants in exact match keyword type have been made in September, 2018.  In nutshell, exact match keyword type has been evolved to show the best results as per user’s need. And, Yes! This is what every entrepreneur is looking for in the arena of paid advertising. So generate more ROI by choosing the best keyword type for better Google Adwords campaign management experience. Be it broad match, modified broad match or the bout of broad match vs phrase match vs exact match, choose the right Adwords keyword type to make a difference. Good Luck!

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Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7 – The CMS Bout

What is Drupal? What are Drupal’s latest versions? Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7? If these questions are not adequately answered according to your expectations, you have a reason to smile today.  Here, we are going to cover everything with the step-by-step approach. This Drupal tutorial is designed to benefit the beginners, intermediates and Drupal experts who aspire to stay updated with this ever-evolving technology.  So, without waiting any further, let’s get a deep dive into the matter.

What is Drupal and its Advantages

Drupal is one of the widely used PHP based open source content management software (CMS), which is used to build robust, scalable and dynamic websites. Its synthesis of top-notch security mechanism, brilliant features and easy to use user interface makes it a preferred platform of web developers all around the globe. Be it a blog, corporate website, forums, resource directories, social networking or e-commerce websites, Drupal can help you develop everything strategically within no time. One solution for various requirements; isn’t that great?

Right after understanding what is Drupal, the next step will be to know its advantages. So, let’s begin and know a couple of benefits of Drupal in nutshell!

Advantages of Drupal CMS

  • Supported by a huge community of Drupal users to help you resolve technical issues related to web development.
  • Highly secured, scalable and lightweight platform to enhance the browsing experience.
  • Easy to configure and hassle-free user interface, which requires less supervision.
  • The tailor-made options, which can be tweaked according to your niche or business requirements.

Hopefully, the advantages of Drupal CMS are clear to you. Yeah?  So, let’s quickly compare the latest versions of Drupal, which are Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 respectively.

Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7: Super Fast Response Time    

Well! Speed in performance is one of the factors that can make any product or services stand out from the crowd. Agree? The same principle is applied in the arena of web development too. And, there is no qualm to mention that Drupal 8 gets an edge over its predecessor Drupal 7 with the concept of advanced caching. In the event that you visit any previously accessed page, the mechanism of Drupal 8 quickly displays it from the cache instead of loading the complete page again. Yes! Researches reveal that websites with poor loading time are often ignored by their prospective audience, which can be devastating for any business vertical. It is a known fact that page loading speed is one of the factors of Google search ranking. Thus, you cannot afford to overlook your website’s loading issues if your aim is to establish a sturdy online presence. Thanks to the mechanism of Drupal 8 that keeps these issues at bay and loads web pages within no time.

Drupal 8 vs. Drupal 7: Simplified Web Services

Unlike Drupal 7, Drupal 8 has taken the concept of web services to new heights with its cutting-edge architecture. The array of its modules encompassing HAL, HTTP basic authentication, serialization and RESTful web services, makes web service development as easy as falling off a log. Surprised?

Well! Being a developer, it lets you access the core models straight from the views. Furthermore, you can use your CMS as a data source to output your content in the form of XML or JSON. Isn’t that awesome?

Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7: New Avatar of Theme Engine

Twig scores high in the list of top Drupal 8 features. Yes! It is a PHP-based theme engine introduced in Drupal 8, which is designed to help developers create stunning templates through simple syntax. In other words, it lets the developers add the fusion of beauty and security in websites, which can be altered according to the business requirements.

Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7: Text Editor and Responsive Image Mechanism      

CKEditor is another interesting text editor that reinforces the list of Drupal 8 features with elegance. Unlike Drupal 7, Drupal 8 allows programmers to use rich text editor to implement various WYSIWYG editing functions. That’s not all! Its responsive image selection mechanism lets the developers choose their desired image format from an extensive range of styles and formats (e.g., screen size, etc.). So, web development is going to be more interesting with Drupal 8. Right?

Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7: Empowered with Multilingual Modules and New Field Types          

In order to develop the multilingual websites In Drupal 7, the developers use a lot of modules, which is a time-consuming task. But, it is no longer the same story in Drupal 8. Yes, you sensed it right! The four core modules including ‘Language Module’, ‘Locale Module’, ‘Content Translation Module’ and ‘Configuration Translation Module’ have certainly simplified the development of multilingual websites. Additionally, Drupal 8 provides the developers with an opportunity to use more field types such as link, email, telephone and date to streamline their web development.

Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7: Responsive Web Development and Configuration Management

In Drupal 8, developers can make use of HTML 5 to develop responsive websites that can flawlessly run on multiple devices. What’s more? It has an inbuilt configuration management mechanism to help the developers manage the configuration data, which can be tracked via a version control system. Well! It is certainly one of the most impressive Drupal 8 features, which was not available in Drupal 7.

So, you must have got a fair idea about the winner in this happening contest, Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7. Yes! It is Drupal 8 for sure.

The Bottom Line

The nature of technology is versatile and it evolves to bring the positive change in our lives. Right? It’s why we have jotted down the top 6 Drupal 8 features, which can be further explored to set new benchmarks in your business. Remember! The entire world is your marketplace if you know how to get the best out of your resources. Happy programming!

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Types of Adwords Bidding Strategies – Now Google Ads Strategies

Adwords bidding strategies or  Automated types of bidding in Adwords or Google Ads – Well! It is one of the most sought-after questions, asked under the topic, Adwords automation. Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords is one of the widely used advertising platforms used by n number of advertisers all around the globe. It lets them bridge the gap between their respected products and targeted audience. In order to attain quick Return on Investment (ROI), one must create a quality driven Google Ad campaign, which requires the right bidding strategies. Google Ads bidding strategies of two types including manual bidding and automated bidding. But, here we will discuss Adwords automated bidding strategies only.

Let’s quickly get into the types of automated bidding strategies in Google Ads or Adwords:

Target CPA:

Target CPA is an automated bidding strategy of Google Ads or Adwords, which is designed to get maximum conversions under your defined budget or target cost per acquisition (CPA). It manages, optimizes and sets the CPC bids automatically by evaluating the historical conversion data of your campaigns fetched at the time of live campaigns. Target CPA bid strategy can be applied on a single campaign (standard bidding) as well as multiple campaigns (portfolio bidding).  In order to evaluate the Target CPA bidding strategy, you need to make sure that the conversion tracking is aptly setup on your campaign.

Let’s suppose, you set the target CPA for $ 20, now Google ads will automatically achieve your business goals under your specified target CPA. In other words, it will automatically set the CPC bids for maximum   conversions under your average budget or target CPA. This amount represents an average amount for conversion, which may vary a little bit as well. Under Target CPA bidding method, you can also set minimum and maximum bids. But, it is not recommended by Google Ads, as it restricts the automated bidding of Google Ads.

Target ROAS Bidding:

This type of bid strategy is used to automatically set bids according to a target of return on ad spent (ROAS) or the average amount you need per conversion. In other words, it makes your bids automatically adjust to generate maximum conversions under the target ROAS set by you. In order to set the target ROAS bidding strategy, your campaign should have minimum of 15 conversions in the past 30 days. There are chances that some conversions may return slightly higher return on ad spent and other may return a bit less return on ad spent.

Let’s understand ROAS with an example. Suppose you want to evaluate the sales of your online grocery store. And, your conversion goal is $3, which is the amount that is supposed to be added into your shopping cart for sales at once. In this case, if the amount spent on one conversion is $1, you are willing to make it to $3. Right? Well! It will be 300% of the amount spent per conversion. Hence, the ROAS in this case needs to be set up as 300%. The formula of ROAS is as following:

$ 3 conversion value

————————-       X 100 = Target ROAS (300%)

Amount spend on ad

Maximize Clicks:

It is another type of automated PPC bidding strategy, which is popular to set bids automatically for generating maximum possible clicks under your target spend amount. Yes! Target spend amount is an amount that you are willing to pay each day for generating clicks. In the event that you do not mention the target amount, Google Ads platform will start using the daily budget of any other campaign. In other words, maximize clicks bidding strategy lets you set the bid cap limit to set the maximum bidding amount for generating clicks.

Target Search Page Location:

This bidding strategy facilitates you to set automated bidding across multiple campaigns to show your ad on the first page of Google search results. In other words, under this biding strategy, Google ads platform increases or decreases bids to make your ads appear on the first page of Google search results. This bid strategy is applicable only in search network campaigns and are not compatible with dynamic ads. However, it does not guarantee the position of your ad on first page/position, but there are more chances that it may appear as per its objective. The placements of ads under this type of bidding are following:

  • Top of the first search result page: This option is used to display your advertisement on the first position of Google search result.
  • Anywhere on the first search result page: In case you want to your ad to appear on the first page of Google result, you can choose this option.

Target Outranking Share:

This Adwords bidding strategy is used to beat the ad’s position acquired by your competitor. Another thing to mention about this Adwords bidding strategy is that it only works under search network campaigns.

Enhanced CPC:

Enhanced cost per click or ECPC is a bidding strategy that automatically adjusts your manual bids for the clicks that are expected to generate conversions or sales. ECPC can be used with search, display and shopping campaigns. If you are using it with search network or shopping campaigns, you need to set up conversion tracking code to measure the performance of your respective ad.

Let’s understand ECPC with an example:

Imagine you are selling books online. The maximum CPC for your ad is set to $2 and the ECPC bidding is activated. In the event that Google Ads platform observes an auction that can lead to conversion or the sales of your book, the ECPC mechanism can increase the bid to $2.75. If ECPC sees an auction that is less likely to convert, it can reduce the bid amount to $1. In order to determine the possible conversions and bid amount, it makes use of demographics, browser location, time and other related factors.

Target Impression Share:

This automated bidding strategy is used to maximize the reach and awareness of your products or services on Google search result. Under this automated bidding strategy, Google Ads platform automatically sets the bids to show your ad in a certain percentage. Target impression share strategy has three placement options:

  • Absolute top of the page, which means your Ad will be displayed on the top position of Google search result.
  • Top of the page, which means your ad will be displayed above the organic results.
  • Anywhere on the page, which means your ad will be displayed either above organic results or below them on the first page.

When it is about using target impression share bidding strategy, it is used on the campaign level. Let’s understand target impression share bidding with an example:

For instance, you mention 55% as your target impression share target for your respective ad to make it appear on the absolute top of the page. Now, Google Ads platform will automatically increase or decrease CPC bid to make it appear 55% times of the total possible amount of times they could show.

Google Ads platform has potential to set a sturdy marketplace for your respective products and services. So get the best from it to outrank your competition by using the above mentioned types of Google Ads automated bidding strategies.

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Apple is Walking in Google’s Footprints via HTTPS

From your own SSL certificate vendor or SSL certificate provider, you may have heard that non https websites are marked “Not Secure” by Google’s chrome browser 68. Perhaps, you may have read this on the Internet. Well! That’s an old news right? But, did you know that Apple is also walking in Google’s footprints when it is about considering non http websites as not secured. Yes! You heard it right!!

Apple’s not secure warning is shown on its Technology preview browser 70, which is a browser used by Apple to test any technology. Soon Safari browser is going to inherit this trait and display the similar warning if non secured websites are opened on it. Nevertheless, the organization has not disclosed the timeline of implementing this change to its mainstream browser, Safari.

Coming back to Google; well! It already promoted the usage of secured web pages in the year 2014 by incorporating https in their SEO algorithm. Afterwards, it started discouraging non secured (non https) websites and finally accomplished its goal of showing ‘Not Secured’ warnings against non secured websites. It is Apple’s turn this time!

Why Should I Buy SSL Certificate or migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Well! This section is for those who have not yet implemented Https on their respective website (s). Most of them have this common question – why should I buy an SSL certificate? So, let’s start from the inception of Internet. There is no qualm to mention that http has played a starring role in the world of internet. In fact, it made the Internet work for the society. Agree?

But, that time it wasn’t majorly used to exchange the sensitive information between common people. Well! Http protocol establishes a non-secured communication between client machine and server. In other words, it enables the data to communicate from client to server or vice-versa in the form of plaintext, which can be tampered during its transmission.

We all know that technology has a nature to evolve with time, and has certainly revolutionized the digital world. Today, most of our daily based tasks can be accomplished within a few clicks. It has undoubtedly eased our lives. But, there are people in our society that have intent of exploiting the technology for their personal benefits. They don’t even mind harming others with their inapt actions. Well! We cannot change everybody’s mindset, but we can surely reinforce our web/online security. Yeah?

Here comes https communication in the spotlight. It adds a layer of security over the communication made between client and server. Be it online shopping, banking transaction, uploading medical info on the server or exchanging any other type of sensitive data, https secures almost everything.

Are You Targeting Apple Users as Your Prospective Customers


Huge organizations such as Apple, Google and Chrome are being very strict on the migration from http to https just because they want their users to be secured online. And, we are sure that Apple’s move to display warning against non secured websites is going to make a huge difference in the cyber security world.

In the core business terminology, losing customer is considered a sin. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a website owner, you can’t afford to lose your customer base that is connecting with you via Apple’s devices. Be it using PPC services, SEO or other marketing gimmicks to reach customers, the warning shown against your non-https website can be devastating for your online presence. Isn’t that correct?  Look… why take a chance? Let’s switch to https and discover the safest online experience by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

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