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Be it fashion bloggers in India or abroad, they have completely revolutionized the fashion fraternity with their ground-breaking thoughts everywhere. Well! There is no qualm about that! Being admired and stand out from the crowd has become the fervor of almost everyone in the society.

But, here we have two scenarios. If a professional designer is standing by your side for pulling out the most mesmerizing looks to help you dazzle the crowd, it is great for sure. Well! Who doesn’t need it – Yeah?

But, if you find it challenging to hire a fashion designer to glitter your wardrobe, these international and top Indian fashion bloggers can be your saviors indeed.

This ever-evolving technology has been taking fashion industry to the new heights, and this level has been elevating continuously. So, our lives have become way easier than ever before.  Merely a hash tag on Instagram can dig out a massive number of latest fashion collections to make you event ready. Isn’t it? Yes!

The objective of this article is to help you set your own style statement by being inspired from the top fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Moreover, these bloggers can add value to your digital marketing strategies too.


Well! They can be approached for influencer marketing, which is all about using these niche leaders to let your targeted audiences get your brand’s message.

So let’s begin our journey of finding the top Indian fashion bloggers as well as the international ones:

Gabbi Gregg


Gabbi has captivated a massive number of audiences by showcasing amazing outfits that make plus size women look more attractive and elegant. In other words, she has broken that taboo of plus size with her clothing line, namely PREMME, which is known for the best plus size fashion. Her blog is powered with a huge collection of her personal fashion statements including Summer Swimsuits, Baby Blues, White Hot, Babe Watch and many more. The fusion of 676k followers and her capability to be a trendsetter in the fashion industry makes her score rank 1 among fashion bloggers.

The link for Her Official Fashion Blog: Visit Gabi 

The Link to Connect With Gabbi – One of the Best Fashion Bloggers on Instagram: Instagram Link

Kat Farmer


Kat farmer comes at number 2 in our list of top fashion bloggers. She is definitely an inspiration for the people to look beautiful even if they are in their 40s. For her, aging has nothing to do with beauty if you are young at heart and carry yourself well. She has more than 115k followers on Instagram and likes writing on beauty, travel and fashion. A huge number of fashion enthusiasts love to explore her for spring collection, wardrobe basics, coats, Chelsea boots and more.

The link for Her Official Fashion Blog: Kate Farmer

The Link to Connect with Kat – One of the Best Fashion Bloggers on InstagramInstagram Link

Akansha Redhu


The next one in our top fashion bloggers is Akansha Redhu. She is one of the famous fashion bloggers in India and her blog includes a blend of content related to fashion & lifestyle, travel, beauty, jewelry and events.  Be it facial experience, hair care, best weekend spots, luscious food or elegant clothing, you will get almost everything on her blog. She has around 156k Instagram followers and more than 7000 posts, which is certainly an impressive data.

The link for Her Official Fashion Blog: Akansha

The Link to Connect with Akansha – One of the Best Fashion Bloggers on Instagram: Instagram Link

Lyn Slater

Lyn Kennedy Slater-fashion blogger

This revolutionary fashion blogger has certainly set the fashion world on fire through her elegant looks. Lyn Slater initiated this blog right after realizing that the society needs good fashion blogs that intended for people who are in their 50s and 60s. Her clothing collection inspires the women to look elegant even if they are in their 50s and 60s.

Well! Why not?

Looking beautiful is our right, and the age parameters can’t dare to steal it from us. Right? If you are in the same age bracket, and looking to further improvise your wardrobe’s collection, you must follow her. As of now, she has 642K followers on Instagram.

The link for Her Official Fashion Blog: Lyn Slater

The Link to Connect this Lyn – One of the Best Fashion Bloggers on Instagram: Instagram Link

Tanesha Awasthi


Another contender in the race of top fashion bloggers is Tanesha Awasthi. Her fashion blog includes a wide variety of content on topics including beauty advice, parenting, wellness, and fashion trends. With a massive number of Instagram followers (460k) and more than 2600 useful posts, this fashion blogger in India has captivated fashion bloggers worldwide.

So, ladies out there!

In the event that you come across questions related to revamping your wardrobe or professional advice on makeup, this fashion blogger in India can serve the purpose. Tanesha Awasthi  is known to be very responsive on her Instagram channel; hence, you can expect a quick reply. It is one of the reasons that she has one of the best fashion blogs in India.

The link for Her Official Fashion Blog: Tanesha

The Link to Connect with Tanesha – One of the Best Fashion Bloggers on Instagram:Instagram Link

Jessica Wang


Jessica Wang is one of the best New York Fashion bloggers and digital Influencer in America. This Asian American blogger has bagged a whopping number of Instagram Followers into her kitty!

Yes it is more than 720k until now. Isn’t that cool?

Her striking range of clothing has so much to wow you. She is known to be the god of fashion for some teenagers as well middle aged women in Asia and America. Her synthesis of high street fashion collection along with the premium brands has been taking her on an all new level in the fashion industry.

The link for Her Official Fashion Blog: Jessica

Link to Connect with Jessica – One of the Best Fashion Bloggers on Instagram:Instagram Link

Well! It is not possible for everyone to afford highly priced designer collections, but these fashion bloggers can certainly help you redefine your fashion sense.  It was not possible to include all the fashion bloggers in a single article, but these are the ones that are raising the bars in the fashion industry. So, follow them and get profited (e.g., influencer marketing, knowledge, etc.).

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