Best New Netflix Series – You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

Right from the array of TV shows based on comedy, drama, emotions and tragedy, these new Netflix series are handpicked to reinvent your entertainment. These top 5 original TV shows are highly popular all around the globe due the synthesis of their unmatched storyline, direction and actors.

Let’s get started with the top 5 new Netflix series:

The Haunting of Hill House – No 1 in Our New Netflix Series List:

Directed by Mike Flanagan, the haunting of hill house is an American collection of horror web series. It is based on classic horror literature and its first series was released on 12th of October 2018 on Netflix. The story is about a house built by a long-deceased man, namely “Huge Crain”.  This mansion was located in an isolated area between hills, and the direction of this TV series makes it too scary right from the beginning.


Main Castings:

  • John Montague – An investigator of paranormal powers.
  • Eleanor Vance – A young woman caring for her disabled mother
  • Theodora – a showy and extravagant artist
  • Luke Sanderson – the host of the house

Dr. John believed to get an evidence of supernatural power present in the house. It’s why he rented the hill house for some time in summer and called some of his friends who experienced the existence of super natural powers. The story encompasses the strange experiences of these characters in the house such as Ghost’s noise, weird writing on the walls, somebody’s strange appearance in the hall, etc.

LOVESICK – No 2 in Our New Netflix Series List

If you are looking for a perfect fusion of sitcom and drama, then this popular web TV series on Netflix will certainly serve your purpose. Yeah!


This story is about a guy (Johnny Flynn), diagnosed with a deadly sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia.  This character contacts all of his former girlfriends and informs them about his medical condition. Every episode in this TV series is based on incidents related to his former girlfriends, which are showed in flashbacks. This TV show is the best example to make the audiences understand about the various facets of relationships. This is the reason that it is standing sturdy at number two position in our new Netflix series collection.

AGGRETSUKO – No 3 in Our New Netflix Series List

The next one in the competition of new Netflix series is surely “AGGRETSUKO”. This Japanese cartoon TV series has been gaining a massive popularity on Netflix recently.  Well! The credit goes to its unique idea of showcasing office environment with the help of notorious cartoon characters. The story is connected with a panda, employed in a trading organization with an extremely hectic job profile.


She is unable to manage her job due to excess work pressure and finds it too hard to answer her manager. Her manager in this TV series is showed in pig’s character. Hence, there are loads of moments (e.g., arguments, reluctance towards work, etc.) that vouch a double dose of entertainment for you. Despite using these funny characters, this TV web series certainly captivates the audience with the real life issues at office.

NORSEMEN – No 4 in Our New Netflix Series List

This Viking fiction is one of the latest Netflix series that is watched by a massive number of audiences owing to its excellent direction, casting and comedy. The story revolves around the people of Norheim who were into the business of raiding and prowling. Besides this action, it is powered with great content that makes it humorous. Orm is known to be the main character of this web series. It features various situations related to disputes in neighboring villages, gender equality, power struggle and day-to-day life problems, which are directed in a hilarious way.


He is not known to be the best fit for Viking, as he doesn’t consider himself fit for the job due to his back problem. But it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t played an interesting role in this series. Well! He is talented enough to come up with amazing ideas to transform Norheim into a top-notch village.

Main Castings:

  • Kåre Conradi as Orm
  • Nils Jørgen Kaalstad as Arvid,
  • Orm’s unhappy wife Silje Torp as Frøya

Sex Education – No 5 in Our New Netflix Series List

If comedy is something that entices you, then “Sex Education” show is another dose of entertainment for you.

Yes! This British comedy web TV series has been crafted by Laurie Nunn, starring Kedar Williams Stirling, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey. The story revolves around a guy, namely “Otis” who is hesitant towards sexuality. But, he has a little knowledge about sexual dysfunction due to some trauma experienced in his childhood.  Later, he starts a business of treating sexual problems with his friend, Emma Mackey. Its blend of amazing direction and Otis’s feelings for Emma Mackey makes it seductive as well as funny.

Please be informed that this new Netflix series list is developed per our own interest and preferences, which may vary as well. But, it is guaranteed that these TV serials will certainly add value to your entertainment and bring smile on your face. Enjoy!

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