Top 6 Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tools – No Gimmicks

Online reputation management services! Well, this is what we are going to cover in this article. Besides the significance of online reputation management (ORM) services, we will also cover the online reputation management tools.

Studies reveal that more than 80% of online buyers prefer to review the online presence of the respective seller before availing their service. A tiny negative review posted by any online user against any company can shatter its market value and make it lose business.

I am sure that no one wants to go through that situation ever. Correct?

Here, comes the role of online reputation management services.

What are Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services or the definition of ORM?

Online reputation management services include the collection of strategies that are used to improve the image of any brand or organization in the online world. ORM service facilitates you to mitigate the negative publicity/ material (e.g., negative reviews, negative videos, blog, etc.) present online against any business. The organizations that provide online reputation management services create and distribute the positive content of their client’s brand to overlap its negative online image. The positive content may include encouraging customer reviews, customer feedback, organization’s achievements, awards, press release, social media promotion, etc.

In order to simplify the process of online reputation management services, ORM service providers use online reputation management tools that are as following:

Radian6 Online Reputation Management Tool:

Your objective to manage the online reputation on social networking websites and other review based websites is met by this well designed online reputation management tool. In order to evaluate its real-time dashboard, elegantly designed Excel add-ins and other stunning features, you can try its free trial version. It will certainly give an edge to your online marketing services with its easy to use user interface along with role based accessibility features. It’s why it is one of the widely used online reputation management tools. So, keep an eye on the discussions related to your products or services all around the world, and take preventive measures if something negative is observed.

Awario Online Reputation Management Tool:

It is one of the best online reputation management tools that bring ease to online reputation management services indeed. It lets you monitor what online community is sharing about any organization on various online platforms such as social media, web, etc. In other words, it helps you track your organization’s mentions on various social media channels to let you respond immediately from it. Isn’t that so convenient? Well! It’s “Sentiment Analysis” feature is smartly designed to differentiate the positive and negative reviews textually as well as graphically.  It makes it easy for ORM service providers to augment their online reputation management services, as they can quickly take preventive action against any type of negative content. Moving on to its elegantly crafted competition analysis feature, which lets you create alert on your rivals. Yes! This online reputation management tool lets you track the positive or negative feedback posted against your competitors. And, we all know that it can work wonders to identify the weakness of your rivals and get benefited accordingly.

Reputology Online Reputation Management Tool:

Another interesting tool in our list of best online reputation management tools is ‘Reputology’. This tool enables you to manage the reviews of your local business in a real-time environment.  Here, the reviews are not limited to Google and Facebook. In fact, Reputology lets you manage reviews on the websites that are known for showing reviews per you niche. That’s not all! The compatibility of this online reputation management tool with Hootsuite makes it a preferred choice of ORM service providers worldwide. In other words, tasks related to SMM and ORM can be managed from one place.

GoFish Digital Complaint Search Online Reputation Management Tool:

If you need to search the negative reviews posted against your organization on various websites, then this free online reputation management tool is only for you. In other words, it lets you review the online presence (e.g., rating, complaints, etc.) of your brand to help you take immediate actions. It checks your brand’s presence on more than 40 popular websites along with real-time reporting. Thus, it is one of our preferred online reputation management tools.

SEO SpyGlass Online Reputation Management Tool:

It is a known fact that links that lead to spamming can be a poisonous for your website. Hence, monitoring and removing them at a regular interval is mandatory in any digital marketing strategy. Here, this tool is a little bit different from other online reputation management tools in its workflow management. Yes! It is focused to improvise the overall reputation of any organization via streamlining their website’s backlinks. Furthermore, it allows you to compare the link profile of any website with its competitors, which is helpful to stay aged in your market.

Brandwatch Online Reputation Management Tool:

If you are looking for premium enterprise based online reputation management tools, then this one is going to solve your purpose without any doubt. It is known for its detailed reporting that provides you with the demographics of users discussing your products or services online. If you run a digital marketing company, its compatibility with digital marketing tools including Buzzsumo, Hootsuite and Google Analytics add value to your online reputation management services.

Be it any vertical, the online reputation of your business is one of the main factors to boost the revenue. So, dominate your business segment with confidence through these smart online reputation management tools.

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