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Be it the best free SEO tools or the paid ones, the importance of SEO tools cannot be overlooked in today’s competitive world. Gone are the days when merely the blend of social bookmarking and directory submission happened to fulfill the purpose of your digital marketing strategies. Be it competition analysis, keyword research, Google Ads analysis, back link strategy, content management or any other SEO strategy, the best free SEO tools along with their paid counterparts play a starring role everywhere. Since the competition in every business segment is on rise, their usage has become a mandatory factor to stay ahead than your rivals. Here, we have segregated some of the free SEO tools along with the paid ones in four segments including Keyword analysis, technical SEO, link building/analysis and website’s performance tracking. Hence, the SEO apps are presented according to their respective segment.

Are you ready to discuss the fusion of best free SEO tools and paid tools  to take your online marketing to the next level? There we go!

Keyword Analysis Tools

Google Keyword Planner:

Since the entire online marketing revolves around Google, so we will initiate from Google’s best free SEO tool, namely ‘Keyword Planner’. Yes! It is one of the widely used free SEO tools, which is a part of Google Ads platform. Used by almost every SEO company, it facilitates the user to choose the most suitable keywords as per their search volume, competition, CPC and other SEO factors.

SEM Rush:

This tool is used by most of the SEO agencies, and also known as an all-inclusive SEO suite that fulfills almost every requirement related to online marketing. We have not included it in the list of our best free SEO tools, as it is a paid one. But, undoubtedly it is value for money. Be it organic research, paid advertising analysis, content auditing, competition analysis, social media tracking or lead generation, it works great with everything. However, it is a paid SEO tool, but can be used with a free trial for 7 days.

Technical SEO Tools


Well! proud to mention another best free SEO tool in our list. It is also one of the most popular SEO tools in its class, which is also known as an alternate to another famous SEO tool, namely Yoast SEO. Yoast and All-in-One SEO tools are almost identical, but when we discuss the usage, All-in-One SEO tool is a preferred choice of SEO companies. And, the credit goes to its features including auto generated description, canonical tag compatibility and bad bot blocker. Besides this, it has a simple user interface that makes it easy to input various SEO parameters such as title, description, keywords, social media parameters, etc. You can try the free version of this SEO tool and the premium version can also be tried, which has more features.


In order to fix the technical errors of any website, it is mandatory to fix those tiny errors that can make a huge difference in any website’s ranking. Yes! We are discussing on-page SEO errors. Well! once again it is not the part of our best free SEO tools guide, but it is well-known for its efficacy. Usage of this SEO tool can help you or your SEO agency audit your website, improvise its on-page SEO, competition analysis and even recover from penguin penalty. Isn’t that cool? In nutshell, it is one of the useful paid SEO tools that help you drive meaningful traffic to your respective website. So, accelerating your organic traffic is no more a daunting task if you are powered with DeepCrawl SEO tool.


This is a popular website evaluation tool used by SEO and PPC companies all around the globe. All you need to do is, input your website’s url for SEO evaluation. And, the moment you hit ‘Review’ button, it displays a detailed summary of your website’s SEO and social media status. The SEO parameters shown are title, Meta description, headings, keywords, alt attribute, broken links, XML sitemap, items, OG tag, page load speed, crawl errors and more. So, this is how you can determine the technical flaws of your website and fix them accordingly.

Backlink Analysis, Management, Link Building and Competition Analysis


It is known as the goldmine for SEO companies, and is immensely helpful in tracking your back links and keywords. However, it is not the part of our best free SEO tools, but certainly stands of in the world of paid SEO tools. This magical SEO tool facilitates you to have surveillance on your competitors (i.e., back links, keywords, etc.) to stay ahead. It lets you know the reason that why your competition is ahead of you and what can be the corrective measures to overtake them. Ahref allows you to perform an in-depth content research, link analysis, rank tracking, organic SEO monitoring and much more.

Moz Site Link Explorer:

Well! It is one of the oldest and most effective SEO tools available in the market, which has a massive number of users (i.e., SEO companies, SEO professionals) globally.  Its unmatched features of determining inbound links, linking domains, ranked keywords, DA, PA, spam score and top anchor text make it extremely popular. It can be used as a free SEO tool for limited queries and access. Thus, we can consider it among the segment of our best free SEO tools. But, if you are looking to get benefited by its complete version, you need to spend some amount to get its full access.


Another SEO tool in the category of back link analysis or link building is Majestic, which has proven its mettle in the market with its unmatched features. It’s why it has become the choice of SEO agencies as well as online marketing geeks all around the globe. Be it ascertaining the backlinks, anchor text, trust flow, citation flow, referring domains, external backlinks or crawled urls, this paid SEO tool is useful everywhere.


There is no qualm to mention that this SEO tool has gained momentum within no time in the entire digital marketing industry through its stunning features. Well! Its fusion of displaying your competitor’s organic keywords and paid keywords along with the data representing monthly PPC clicks and Adwords budget is certainly a game changer. You just need to input the url of your competitor, and this tool is all set to scan the complete online marketing efforts performed by your rivals. Isn’t that so cool? Know your top competitors along with their traffic generating keywords and spy on them to grow. What’s more? This amazing SEO tools provides you with great reporting feature to measure your SEO ranking along with suggestions for the best performing keywords in your niche. But, please be informed that it is not the part of our best free SEO tools, as you need to pay an amount for its ownership. Thus, I personally consider it as a value for money SEO tool.

Website Performance and Rank Tracking


Right after keyword analysis, competition analysis, technical SEO and link building, the next step is to measure your hard work. Right? And, it is the vital part of any SEO strategy.

Here comes website rank tracking SEO tools in the picture. But, according to the experience of various SEO companies, Google’s search console/Google Analytics is considered the best free SEO tool in this segment without any doubt. This free SEO tool lets you discover keyword queries searched by your website’s visitors through Acquisition tab. That’s not all! You can find your website’s real time users, traffic sources, monthly/weekly audience, demographics, new/returning visitors, traffic sources, bounce rate, CTR, cohort analysis and much more. Furthermore, Google Ad and social campaigns can also be associated with this account to give you a better insight about your website’s ranking.

In the gamut of SEO apps available in the market, these are the ones that are tested and approved by the best SEO and PPC companies worldwide. So, start beating your competition with your product knowledge and the blend of these best free SEO tools along with the paid ones.

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