Best WordPress Plugins List – Which one is Your Favorite?

Today’s article is all about the best WordPress plugins list where we are going to mention some of the widely used and proven WordPress plugins. Before moving further, let’s understand what are WordPress plugins within a single sentence? Well! Plugins are small pieces of software that are developed to add additional functionality to any Wordpess website.  Be it the function of email subscription, chat mechanism, SEO, pop up window, social media function, push notification or any other function, WordPress plugins can simplify everything. Hence, whether you are working for a digital marketing company or handling your own blog/website, these plugins are definitely going make your website more presentable.

Time to have a glance at the best WordPress plugins list, which is must for any website! Let the game begin:

All in One SEO Pack at No 1 in Best WordPress Plugins List:


Absolutely, the best!

This is the introduction of this beautifully designed WordPress plugin. Yes! It is widely used by almost every digital marketing company for the purpose of on page SEO. It’s a known fact that SEO is known to be the foundation of any website if we discuss its online visibility.

Thus, it vouches the success of your digital marketing strategies with its more than 50 million downloads and amazing framework.

It lets you add impressive Meta Title, Meta Description, and keywords with ease. Being a user, you can mark any post as Noindex, Nofollow, and disable it from sitemap too. Moreover, it simplifies the social media tasks through customization in social media images, Facebook object type, twitter card type, Facebook debugging and much more.

Link for All in One SEO WordPress plugin

Content Views at No 2 in Best WordPress Plugins List:


Presentation plays a starring role in website development. Studies reveal that a well organized and presented content is one of the key factors to captivate audience in any business segment. Thus this Wordpres plugin stands at rank two in our best WordPress plugins list. It lets you display your content in various formats including Grid, Collapsible list and scrollable list. You can select the number of items to be displayed in a row, and choosing the size of Thumbnail is easy as well. What else?

Smooth functionality of pagination, Ajax, taxonomy, Meta field compatibility, Excerpts settings make it the best in its class.

Link for Content Views WordPress plugin

Ultimate Social Media at No 3 in Best WordPress Plugins List:


We all understand the significance of social media in the ecosystem of digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media platforms are essential to elevate your brand value. The more your content is shareable, the better are the chances for it to be viral.


It’s why this beautiful plugin is standing solid at number three position in our best WordPress plugins list.  It is a freeware plugin and easy to implement and use. It lets you include various social media sharing icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram to help your audience share your valuable content. That’s not all!

You can customize their appearance per your website’s format.

Link for Ultimate Social Media WordPress Plugin

OneSignal Push Notification at No 4 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

It facilitates your subscribers to view the notifications when you update the content on your website. This WordPress plugin lets you stay connected with your audience resulting better engagement. It requires you to create a OneSignal account and input the app ID and rest API key for the purpose of configuration.

Link for Onesignal Push Notification WordPress plugin

OptinMonster at No 5 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

The next one is OptinMonster in our best WordPress plugins list when it is about conversion rate optimization. It encourages your website’s visitors to become your subscribers. It’s easy to create optin forms along with display targeting features make it enormously popular in its category. Grow your subscriber’s list and give your content a chance to further flourish.

Link for OptinMonster WordPress plugin

Updraft Plus at No 6 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

Right after OptinMonster, the next contender in our best WordPress plugins list is Updatedraft, which is known for WordPress backup. It can certainly be a savior if your website encounters any technical nuisance causing data loss.  You can use this WordPress plugin to schedule data backup per your convenience and store it remotely on FTP, Google Drive, email or other related sources. It is a free Wordpess plugin, but also comes in paid version to provide you with better services.

Link for Updraft Plus backup WordPress plugin

WP Rocket at No 7 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

Be it SEO industry or web development, website’s speed plays an important role everywhere. Here comes the role of WP Rocket WordPress plugin. Well! Its automated configuration of the recommended WordPress caching makes any website perform really well in respect to page loading time. Other striking features encompassing CDN support, DNS pre-fetching and minification make your website perform excellently indeed. You can also use its another great feature namely Imagify, which is designed to optimize your website’s images for faster loading.

Link for WP Rocket WordPress plugin

WooCommerce at No 8 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

In the event that you are planning to convert your wordpress website into an online store, this free wordpress plugin is for you. It has been used by millions of users all over the world for the purpose of developing web store. Be it posting your products in web store, setting their price, choosing currency, selecting payment modes or delivery options, it serves all the requirements related to online store.

Link for WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Grammerly at No 9 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

Another important plugin in our wordpress plugins list is Grammerly for sure. It helps you check and correct grammatical errors present in your posts. It can be used for free. But, if you are looking for advanced features such as plagiarism detector, vocabulary enhancements or other related features, you can buy its premium version.

Link for Grammerly WordPress plugin

WP Forms at No 10 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

In case you are looking to build an easy to make contact form page, then this plugin can be ideal for you. Its drag and drop simplicity, compatibility with various marketing software and functionality to create registration and login form set it apart from its rivals. It’s why including this one in our best WordPress plugins list was mandatory.

Link for WP Forms WordPress Plugin

Tawk.To at No 11 in the Best WordPress Plugins List:

This plugin is designed to help your audience connect with you via Live chat. It is a free WordPress plugin to establish live chat sessions with your existing or prospective customers. You can customize its design, notifications, and messages according to your business segment.  In the event that you are not available to chat with your customer, the respective message is emailed to you, which helps you handle the query according to your availability.

Link for Tawk.To WordPress Plugin

We researched various WordPress plugins by considering their overall performance including speed, security and reliability. So, use your desired plugins from our best WordPress plugins list and push the bars in your business vertical.

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