Schema Markup & Rich Snippets – Boosting Website Traffic by 200%

Before knowing the significance of schema markup and rich snippets for your business, let’s understand the difference between schema markup and rich snippets. What is schema markup? Well! Schema markup is a set of code inserted into your website’s code to display various search result formats or embedded features in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

In other words schema markup is similar to those highlights that we happened to mark on our notebooks with neon colored highlighters for the quick reference. On the web world, search engines crawl/read these markers and display the specific information in the search results. The data in SERP is displayed according to the schema markup code implemented in your website’s code.

And, the collection of search result display formats, also known as embedded features, is called rich snippet. Yes!

Rich snippet is the outcome of schema markup (s) applied on any website.

Schema is usually divided into two core segments including Microdata and JSON-LD and its apt usage helps you boost the organic traffic drastically. Still confused?

Let’s learn about rich snippets with an example. You can add the rating schema markup to showcase the rating of your product, service or even website’s article. Through schema markup code, you can set the rating (zero to five star) of your product or services, which will be displayed as snippets in SERP. We will discuss rating schema markup once again in the later section of this article.

Top Types of Schemas Resulting Rich Snippets

Organization Schema Markup: The organization schema markup is used to display the organization’s information including logo, intro, contact information, stock price, subsidiaries and social media profiles. The personal rich snippet presented below will be displayed in SERP when you search ‘Oracle’ on search engine.


Schema Person Markup: In the event that you are looking to display your personal information on SERP, you need to use this schema. The information may include name, designation, date of birth, spouse, salary, education, etc. Here’s the rich snippet displayed when you search for Mark Zukerberg on Google.


Rating and Review Schema Markups: These types of schema markups enable you to display the rating and review of your respective product and service. In the event that your prospective customers search for your product or services, it will display the rating and reviews in the search results. It helps you win the confidence of your customer, resulting more sales as well as turnover. Here’s the rating rich snippet displayed when you search for PPC services.  Remember! Rating and Review are two different schema markup types.


Local Business Schema Markup: The next schema we have is named as local business schema, which is extremely popular for local organizations. This type of schema helps your customers locate your business information such as official address, working hours, contact numbers, holidays, etc.

Article Schema Markup: Another interesting schema markup in our list of top schemas is undoubtedly article markup schema. It is mainly used for blogs and news related websites to make their content easily readable.  For instance if a user types “today’s news” in search engine, it will result various news related websites at the top of search engines irrespective of their organic ranking.

Video Schema Markup: The next participant in the race of best schema markups is Video Schema Markup, which helps search engines display any video in search results. Implementing Video object markup on your website is useful if you want search engines to crawl and display your video in video search.

Event Schema Markup: This schema markup facilitates you to showcase information related to any concert, webinars, festivals, discourses, etc. All you need is to search the event’s name or niche, and you are all set to view the event’s details including its date, time, venue, and much more.

Product and Offer Schema Markup: This markup is intended for selling any item or service by displaying its information, price, inventory status, etc. All you need to do is, search the respective product or service on search engine and you are all good to see the respective rich snippet.

Questions and Answers or Q&A Schema: This schema type is great for the FAQ webpage of any website. It showcases the answers given to specific questions typed by users as a search query. It is one of the latest schemas introduced in the digital marketing arena.

Use these schema markups to get the best rich snippets according to your business requirements and hold a strong position in search engine result pages. Happy online marketing!

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Google Stadia Game Streaming Service – Thrashing PlayStation & Xbox in 2019

Your old video games list is going to be obsolete in November 2019. Why? Well! Google is all set to revolutionize your gaming experience through its amazing video game streaming service, called Stadia. No need for PlayStation store surfing or that ever busy PlayStation support anymore, as Google Stadia vouches to take your gaming to the next level.

Let’s Understand How Stadia Gaming or Streaming Service Works


The Stadia gaming service will work like Netflix, for video games to let you play your favorite video games directly from Wi-Fi on your TV connected with Chromecast. Not only TV! You can relish the HD gaming experience on your computer powered with Chrome browser as well as Google Pixel phones.

Don’t worry about the file size of those high graphics games. Yes! You don’t have to download these games, as they can be played directly from Google’s powerful cloud servers. Moreover, the status of your games will be synchronized across devices. Isn’t it a treat to your gaming world?

Google is rolling out the first official version of Stadia in the month of November, which is limited to run on TVs connected with Chromecast device. Cheers Chromecast users! You are going to unleash the best ever gaming experience on the planet in November 2019.

Those who are looking to have this video game streaming service on their PCs or mobile devices will have to wait until 2020 for Stadia’s full version.

The Top 10 High Graphics Games Available in Google Stadia games list

  • Bethesda – DOOM Eternal, DOOM 2016, Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • Bandai Namco – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  • Bungie – Destiny 2
  • Coatsink – Get Packed (Stadia exclusive)
  • Codemasters – GRID
  • Deep Silver – Metro Exodus
  • Drool – Thumper
  • Electronic Arts – TBD
  • Giants Software – Farming Simulator 19
  • Larian Studios – Baldur’s Gate 3

Subscription of Stadia Game Streaming Service

In order to enjoy this unmatched game steaming service of high graphics games, you need to buy an exclusive subscription bundle. Yes! It is known as Founder’s Edition costing $129.99. It includes a package containing Chromecast dongle, three months of Stadia streaming subscription and a free game pass to let your friend play it for three months. Great deal! Isn’t it?

Well! You can go ahead and pre-order Founder Edition’s subscription right away.

Initially, Stadia is going to be launched in fourteen countries including the United States, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Canada, etc. Furthermore, this game streaming service is expected to grow its horizon bynext year.

People looking for economical game streaming services have a reason to joy as well. Yes! They can opt for a regular game streaming plan, namely Stadia Pro costing around $9.99 per month. It will cover the access of 31 high graphics games encompassing Rage 2, Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, Creed Odyssey, Assassin, and more.

What’s more for you? Well! You can also enjoy the free-to-play version of Stadia, but here you may have to compromise a little bit with graphic resolution. All you need to pay for is the Title you want.

Competition in Game Streaming Service Market and Stadia’s Strategy

If you go in the past, you will realize that the similar game steaming service was introduced by companies such as GameTap and OnLive. But, unfortunately these organizations were unable to make this game streaming project a success owing to various factors.

Google’s competitors such as Microsoft and Amazon are also hustling for success. Yes! Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is going to hit the market as well. On the contrary Amazon is also gearing up to beat the competition with its own game streaming service, which is going to be launched next year.

But, this time it is Google that is known to perform extensive research before launching any new project. Yes! You sensed it right. Google has made a huge investment into research and analysis of game streaming services. The organization has also hired Jade Raymond, who worked for companies like Sony, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Furthermore, Google has launched its own Stadia Games and Entertainment Studio to roll out the most happening games in the future.


Hopefully, Google can captivate players from PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo and set new benchmarks in the gaming industry. So, be ready to create an all new video games list this November & get a double dose of entertainment. Cheers!

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OmniChannel Business Model – The Game Changer

Here, we will discuss the Omnichannel business model, definition along with Omnichannel examples, challenges, opportunities and ideal roadmap step-by-step. Let’s begin!

The Omnichannel business model has revolutionized the entire business scenario with its massive number of benefits. For some of you who are unsure about Omnichannel? Here is a quick definition of Omnichannel business model.

Well! Omni-channel marketing or business means that your respected brand is accessible on various online and offline sales platforms and all of them are interconnected. Online platforms include social media, website, email, SMS, app, WhatsApp and offline channels encompass physical stores, event shows, etc.

In nutshell, Omnichannel business model bridges the gap between your products and their respective customers. Allowing your customers connect with your brand through multiple platforms helps you generate maximum revenue for your business.

So, let’s begin the journey by knowing a little bit about retail industry, which is drastically benefited by Omnichannel.

Retail Industry at a Glance & the Top Reasons for Its Rapid Growth


  • Its broad segments include low margin-high volume business (e.g., food, grocery) and high margin-low volume business (e.g., apparel, footwear, lifestyle retailing, etc.).
  • Collective efforts of financial institutions with retailers are accelerating the purchasing power of consumers.
  • Transition from traditional retail to organized retail – It is taking place owing to change in consumer expectations, higher disposable income, preference for luxury items, etc.
  • Liberalization in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policies has taken the retail industry to new heights.

Moving forward, here is why Omnichannel business model has changed the game entirely.

OmniChannel – The Game Changer

  • Multiple Platforms: It lets you connect with customers on every platform for brand awareness, reach & lead generation (Brick and Mortar Stores, Website, Mobile App, Social Media, SMS, etc.). Customers can also research about your products on the go as well as in the store.
  • Coordination between Departments: Integration of customer service, sales, merchandising, and inventory improvises the sales funnel as well as customer experience.
  • The Magic of Customer Behavior Analysis: Apt management of various sales channels helps you understand the market trend, customer’s behavior and demographics. On the basis of customer behavior, you can roll-out offers (e.g., deals, coupons, discount, etc.).
  • Customer’s Trust: The daunting task of winning your customer’s trust becomes easier in Omni channel marketing if you showcase your products aptly on various sales channels.
  • Self-Service Option: Self-service option available in Omni commerce model makes your customers feel more independent. It is extremely helpful to review their valuable feedback to elevate the level of your services.

It’s a known fact that every good thing has its negative sides too. So, let’s understand the challenges of Omnichannel business model.

Challenges of Omnichannel Business Model

  • Data Analysis and Management: Tracking and managing data related to customers and inventory on various platforms and their integration can be a daunting task. It may be time consuming and expensive too.
  • Synchronization: Business strategies are subjected to change according to the market trend. Thus, updating strategies in the entire Omni-channel business model within less time can be a tough nut to crack.
  • Management and Training: Omnichannel business model requires the continuous assistance of skilled staff. Hence, the cost of management, resources and training can be a major challenge.
  • Communication Hassles: Lack of communication between various departments can be a major challenge in this model. (e.g., communication between inventory and any other department, etc.)
  • User Identification: Extracting the genuine data from a massive database can be a challenging task too.

Finally, it’s the time to know the right strategies, roadmap and examples of Omnicommerce business model.

Opportunities to Excel in OmniCommerce

  • Redefine Your Brand: With a bit of technological implementations, Omni-channel business model revamps your brand identity.
  • Better User Experience: It gives you an opportunity to elevate the level of user experience.
  • Organic & Paid Advertising: An option to increase brand awareness and reach (e.g., store visit campaigns, social media & website traffic campaigns, etc.).
  • Drive More Sales & Remarketing: Seamless integration of technology is extremely helpful to generate more business leads and increase sales.
  • Real Time Inventory Management: It makes inventory management easy, so it is easy to clear up inventory in this business model.

What about the future of a new Business??


The fusion of apt business strategies (e.g., customer advocacy, finding and targeting audience, product quality, etc.), management and cutting-edge technology is a key to success.

The Ideal Roadmap of OmniChannel Business Model

Branding & Targeting:  Apt strategies for branding and customer targeting (e.g., online/offline advertising, etc.).

Compelling Content:  Develop clear and compelling content.

Responsive Websites: Develop responsive website for hassle-free accessibility on various devices.

User Experience:  Enhance the user experience on various digital channels. (e.g., Response time, simplicity, architecture, etc.)

Competition Analysis:  Analyze the success and failures of your competitors and act accordingly. (e.g., competitor’s channels, deals, etc.)

Develop High Quality Products: The development of high quality products is the key to success in every business.

Reliable Service: Promptness and reliability in service makes any business stand out from the crowd.

Technology Integration: Data synchronization between various departments.

Data Analysis & Re-marketing: Perform extensive data analysis and re-engage with customers, if needed.

Examples of OmniChannel Business Model

Starbucks Coffeehouse, One of the best Omnichannel Retailers: Being a user you can order coffee right from the computer at home. Later, you can track the order details even if you are on the go. The moment you reach the coffeehouse, you can produce your order ID and avoid those long queues.

Bata Shoe Company for Omnichannel Retail: In the event that their sales executives are unable to find your preferred shoe in their store’s inventory, they can quickly locate the store where it is available. This is how they can retain customers by educating them about the availability of their desired product and guide them accordingly.

HDFC Bank for OmniChannel Banking: It is one of the best examples of Omnichannel banking. HDFC lets you manage your online banking from their website as well as their mobile app. That’s not all! Let’s imagine that you have forgotten the password of your ATM. In this case, you can send HDFC an SMS followed by a code to retrieve a secret code needed to change your password at the ATM. This is how you can resolve your banking issues. Hence, everything is interconnected, secured and simplified.

Fedex for Omnichannel Logistics: If you are looking for Omnichannel example in logistics industry, Fedex can set the right scenario here. Well! this logistics company lets its customers track their consignments through mobile app, SMS and website. Being a customer, you can get constant updates regarding your consignments via email, SMS and app notifications. Moreover, you can also connect with the organization via various social media platforms to address your issues. This integration brings clarity in the entire process, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

If you are an entrepreneur, empowering your business with Omnichannel business strategies will certainly help you stand sturdy in the competition. Broaden your horizons for more.

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What is Link Building, Tactics & Right Anchor Text Ratio for Backlinking

Link building or backlinking in SEO is a practice to create your website’s backlinks on high authority websites for more website traffic and better online ranking. But, the concept of link building is often misunderstood by some of the newbie online marketing professionals.

A large number of SEO professionals believe that merely creating a massive number of backlinks is all that they need to boost their website’s organic ranking. They find high authority websites and keep creating “Do follow” and “No Follow” backlinks to raise their website’s online presence. I am sure that some of you must be doing the same for backlinking strategy. Right?

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Top MVC Interview Questions – 100% Working Track Record

Explain what is MVC ?

This is one of the most important and frequently asked MVC interview questions, which gives interviewers a fair idea about your .net skills. Well! In, MVC stands for Model View Controller. It is a lightweight web application framework, which divides application in three development models including Model, View and Controller respectively. This highly testable presentation framework is known for quick and easy integration with various features of .net encompassing master pages, authentication and many more.

What is the difference between Model, Controller and view in MVC?

The next one in our MVC Interview questions list is a sure shot question asked by most of the web development companies worldwide. So let’s get the answer:

What is Model in MVC: Model represents the business entity, which is used to manage the application data. In nutshell, it is domain data.

What is Controller in MVC: It is used to control or manage the flow and execution of any application. The moment user makes any request; the functionality of controller is to return the response accordingly. In other words, it is responsible to redirect the user as per their request using view method.

What is View in MVC: The presentation layer in MVC is called as view. You can also consider it as a user interface.

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How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone and PC – Link & Images

Your search to delete your Instagram account on iPhone or your computer/laptop ends here. Yes! You will be provided with a link to delete your Instagram account, which will speed up the process.

Here’s what we are going to cover:

  • How to Delete Instagram Account on your iPhone
  • How to Delete Instagram Account on your PC/Laptop with Link

In the event that you are unsure to delete your Instagram account, you also have an option to temporarily disable your Instagram account. However, the feature namely, “Temporary Disable Instagram Account” is not covered here, but it lets you restore your Instagram account in the future, if required.

Let’s get back to the main business now!

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Top 7 Free Stock Photos Websites – No Copyright Issues

Looking for free images download or the images with no copyright? Your mission for free stock image website completes here, as this article is all about the free image download websites. But, wait! If some of you are not familiar with the term ‘stock images’, then we will start with the definition of stock photo first.

Well! Stock images refer to a collection or resource of high quality images that can be used in your projects (e.g., website, presentation, storyboard, etc.).  Studies reveal that audiences are captivated more by noticeable graphics first. And right after that, they go through the textual content.

So, the first impression is certainly the graphics that you use in your content. It is the reason that we have jotted down some of the best websites for free stock images to grab the attention of your targeted audiences.

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Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial– Opt the Right Faceboook Campaign

Facebook Ads Manager is a Facebook’s ad management tool that lets you manage/run your advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. It helps you create stunning Ads, target them per your audience and measure their performance. Here, we will learn the types of Facebook Ad campaigns and then we will build the awareness campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. Choosing the right campaign objectives per your business niche is extremely important to generate revenue from the online world.

Here are the types of Facebook campaigns along with the explanation of Facebook campaign objectives:

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Best WordPress Plugins List – Which one is Your Favorite?

Today’s article is all about the best WordPress plugins list where we are going to mention some of the widely used and proven WordPress plugins. Before moving further, let’s understand what are WordPress plugins within a single sentence? Well! Plugins are small pieces of software that are developed to add additional functionality to any Wordpess website.  Be it the function of email subscription, chat mechanism, SEO, pop up window, social media function, push notification or any other function, WordPress plugins can simplify everything. Hence, whether you are working for a digital marketing company or handling your own blog/website, these plugins are definitely going make your website more presentable.

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Top Proxy Websites List to View the Blocked Content Anonymously

Proxy websites let you surf the Internet securely and anonymously. They also help you to view the content that may be blocked by your Internet service provider, network administrator or any other third party. These proxy websites are also known as web proxies. And, using them is extremely easy, as they do not require any additional software installation or configuration to run.  In order to display the websites as per your need, these proxy websites use their own IPs instead of using your IP address. It’s why they facilitate you to view the blocked content without any hassle.

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