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If you own a content writing agency or an online marketing agency, you must have understood the importance content marketing strategy or planning. Right? Well! A well written digital content strategy can certainly help you overtake your rivals in your niche as fast as a speeding comet. So, let’s quickly understand this digital content strategy, which is implemented by innumerable online marketing and content writing agencies globally. This content marketing planning has a blend of generic online marketing measures along with exclusive parameters for a software development company that develops Drupal applications. Here, we are considering India as a target market and using the free online marketing tools for the evaluation and execution of our digital content and marketing strategy.

Goal of Content Marketing Strategy



Here are the goals of this content marketing planning:


  • Captivating audience through spreading awareness in respect to the brand and technology.
  • Helping users get more clarity into the concepts of Drupal development.
  • Getting leads via email marketing, blogging, etc.
  • Pitching products and services for generating sales.


  • Boosting Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) to boost online visibility
  • Augmenting trust flow and citation flow
  • However, Alexa is not a very important metric nowadays, but increasing it for a layman, is still a good practice.
  • Creating strong link building strategy to get the traffic on the respective website.
  • Local citations to accelerate visibility.

Buyer Persona and Keyword Analysis

In this section, we will analyze our targeted customers. This process is performed to determine buyer persona. Knowing your targeted customers thoroughly helps you develop more meaningful content marketing planning for better ROI.

Now, there are two directions of digital content marketing strategy you can follow here:

Target the Existing Market: This market is already there, which means you know about the people or industries that need your products or services.

Target the New Market. Here, your strategy will be to become a trendsetter in any new industry. It is based on spreading awareness in any industry and pitching your products for sales accordingly. Let’s understand this content strategy with an example. In the field of SSL certificates, most of the marketers were approaching the entire web development industry. But, some forward-thinking marketers analyzed that SSL certificates became one of the ranking factors in online marketing. Thus, they narrowed down the niche and focused on digital marketing industry to generate quick leads. In other words, they targeted SEO companies and nurtured them about the benefits of SSL certificates to generate sales.

Similarly, a good keyword analysis in any niche is extremely helpful to bridge the gap between your content and its targeted end users. It’s always a beneficial practice to research a keyword before creating digital content strategy in your respective niche. The research includes keyword’s search volume, its CPC bid and competition.

Tools According to Drupal’s Niche: Google Ads, Keyword Everywhere, Google Trends, Uber suggest and manual searching as per your targeted customer’s intent

Here are the useful keywords according to Drupal’s Niche:

  • Drupal Development Company:  Volume (590), CPC ($13.21), Competition (0.23)
  • Drupal Services: Volume (720), CPC ($30.09), Competition (0.24)
  • Drupal Agency: Volume (320), CPC ($65.03), Competition (0.65)
  • Hire Drupal Developers: Volume (390), CPC ($53.45), Competition (0.28)
  • Drupal Development Company in India: Volume (170), CPC ($8.64), Competition (0.53)
  • Drupal 8 : Volume (18, 100), CPC ($5.06), Competition (0.11)
  • Drupal Download: Volume (5400), CPC ($6.26), Competition (0.05)
  • Drupal Development: Volume (2900), CPC ($54.06), Competition (0.46)
  • Drupal Coder: Volume (590), CPC ($7.08), Competition (0.12)
  • The SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and search volume needs to be cross checked with Uber suggest and Google Trends respectively.

However, local search keywords in this case have no search volume, but we will still rank them in local searches to increase our visibility. It will work as a foundation of our content marketing planning. Here is the flow in ascending order:

  1. Drupal Development Company in Delhi
  2. Drupal Development Company in India
  3. Drupal Development company
  4. Drupal Company

Competition Analysis – The Core Component of Your Content Marketing Strategy



In order to beat the competition, it is necessary to analyze it. According to the market (India) and niche (Drupal Development), these are the top competitors:

 Keywords used for competition analysis:  Hire Drupal Developer (390), Drupal Development Company in india (590)

For instance, let’s consider as our competitor. Now, we have used a competition analysis tool, namely SpyFu to find the following details:

  • Organic Keywords: 470
  • Est.. Monthly SEO Clicks: 1.1K
  • Keywords Ranking on First Page: 12
  • Top Organic Keywords:
  • Hire PHP Developers in India
    1. PHP Developers in India
    2. App Developers in India
    3. Mobile Apps Development India
    4. PHP Developer in India

However, this organization is working on the PHP platform instead of Drupal, but our keyword ‘Hire Drupal Developer’ brings this company in SERP.

Inbound Links: Here is one of the major sources of its inbound organic traffic   >>> 6.4 m monthly clicks

For back link analysis in our content marketing planning, we can use ahref, SEMrush and SEO profiler as well. Since, this company is not doing paid advertising; we are analyzing another company to evaluate paid advertising. For instance, we are analyzing a Drupal company spending on paid advertising in the USA.

Company’s url:

Top Paid keywords:

  • Drupal Migration
  • Open Source Portal Solutions
  • Open Source Enterprise Portal
  • Freeware Intranet

Setting Google Alert on your rival’s website or keyword is also a good idea.

Content Creation: Blogs/Vlogs/PDFs/Use Cases/Press Release and Its Circulation – Vital Factor for Content Marketing Strategy



For creating meaningful content, you can use a content marketing tool, namely Buzzsumo. It will help you determine the most engaging topics to write as per your business domain. Well! It has been widely used by a massive number of online marketing and content writing  companies worldwide. Here are a few top-notch articles:

  • Drupal Core – Highly Critical – Public Service Announcement : FB Engagement (81), Twitter Shares (293), Reddit Engagement (12)
  • Best Drupal Web Development Service Providers
  • Top 10 Companies Offering Best Drupal Services
  • Using Drupal 8 and Amazon Web Services Internet of Things to Power Digital Signage

We can create our digital content strategy according to these topics and input our desired keywords. Besides link building, the content can be shared with top influencers as well.

Top Influencers for outreach campaigns in this content marketing strategy:

  • Martin Richardson (
  • Jerdavis (

Blogs, Vlogs, answering tech questions on Quora and tech PDF’s will be chosen to create content. Moreover, we can swap the content format to accelerate its visibility. For instance tiny changes made to web content and converting it into PDF can bring faster results and visibility. These PDFs can be shared on exclusive PDF sharing platforms including:

  • net
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com, etc.

Make sure to add a video on various video marketing platforms and optimize them aptly:

  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Sprout Video
  • MetaCafe

Let’s discuss paid advertising as a part of our content marketing planning. Here, we are working on a tech niche; thus, focusing Google Ads, Linkedin and Twitter will be more meaningful to get quality leads. On the contrary, the content can be shared in various business related groups. Running adverts on Facebook can also bring good results.

Content Audit – A Crucial Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content audit plays a vital role to evaluate the performance of your content. You can make use of keyword mapping, Google Analytics and Search console to measure its performance and engagement. Make sure that your website is performing well on various metrics including CTR, bounce rate, session per user, behavior flow, session time, new user, etc.

Other Measures of Content Marketing Planning:

  • Google and Bing Business Listing Optimization
  • Local citation
  • Adding Schema to your Articles
  • PBN for link building
  • Regular guest post submission on high authority websites
  • Meaningful blog commenting.
  • Optimizing on page of your website as per your niche (e.g., keyword density & proximity, Title, Meta, OG tag, url, etc.)
  • Web 2.0 Submission along with their bookmarking
  • Forum submission with meaningful participation
  • Image optimization
  • Maintaining a content writing and marketing calendar
  • Linkedin Profile optimization
  • Effective Email Campaigns

The above mentioned measures are proven tips used by some of the best content writing companies in India, USA, UK and other countries all around the globe. Reinforce your online presence and be noticed to raise your ROI to the next level. The right time to revamp your content marketing strategy is now. Good Luck!

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