Is Your Content Writing Company Offering Fake Reviews – Beware

In case your content writing company is providing you with fake reviews for the quick business promotion, then be cautious now instead of being sorry later. Let’s quickly put light on this breaking news and later we will know how a quality content writing company can help you drive your business more positively.

Here’s the breaking news published in the

A man who used to compose illegitimate fake business reviews for Italian restaurants and hotels on an online travel website namely TripAdvisor has been imprisoned for nine months. Furthermore, he has to pay a fine of 8,000 euro (7,123.83 pounds). This man used to offer fake review service to the organizations to knock up their online promotion on the TripAdvisor’s webpage. In order to provide customers with 10 fake reviews, this man happened to charge an amount of 100 Euros.

“Writing fake reviews on TripAdvisor, has always been a violation of the law in many jurisdictions … but this is one of the first cases of enforcement resulting in a criminal conviction”, TripAdvisor said.

A recent analysis on fake business reviews uncovered thousands of fake reviews being submitted on TripAdvisor for fake business promotion. Businesses that were found violating review guidelines were panelized by Tripadvisor, which reduced their online presence.

How Your Content Writing Company Can Help You Get Positive Business Reviews

Your content writing company and the quality of your service play an instrumental role to boost positive reviews for your respective organization. Here are a few measures performed by a quality content writing company that give an edge to your online presence:


Handling Negative Reviews Positively:

It’s a known fact that every business gets positive as well as negative business reviews per their service. But, the ratio of these good or bad online reviews is the deciding factor in the ambit of online marketing. Trust is everything in business, which expands its horizons drastically. Hence, a quality content writing agency can help you build your product’s trust by writing positive response even against the negative posted for your business. They know how to imbibe sympathy, empathy and assurance in their response followed by freebies or other offers. Well! This strategy makes the customer delighted, so that they can recommend your service to others. This is how; you can increase your customers and satisfy the existing ones.

The Art of Responding to Positive Reviews:

Well! It seems quite easy to respond to positive reviews. Right ?  Most of us do it by responding to them with a few pleasant words such as thank you, thanks, etc. But, the crisp is here as well. A lot of content strategists working for the best content writing agencies suggest that you need to make your customer feel special even if they are satisfied. And, it can only be done with the magic of your words. Address your customer with the blend of personalization, appreciation and up-selling pitch. If your customer is satisfied with one of your services, there are chances that they will be interested in other services too. Agree? Here comes the role of up-selling pitch wherein you have the opportunity to nurture your customer with additional services.

Be it personal life or the professional one, going through good or bad times is quite obvious. Yeah?  But, hiring a quality driven content writing company can certainly bring ease to your online reputation management for a better tomorrow.

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