Top 7 Free Stock Photos Websites – No Copyright Issues

Looking for free images download or the images with no copyright? Your mission for free stock image website completes here, as this article is all about the free image download websites. But, wait! If some of you are not familiar with the term ‘stock images’, then we will start with the definition of stock photo first.

Well! Stock images refer to a collection or resource of high quality images that can be used in your projects (e.g., website, presentation, storyboard, etc.).  Studies reveal that audiences are captivated more by noticeable graphics first. And right after that, they go through the textual content.

So, the first impression is certainly the graphics that you use in your content. It is the reason that we have jotted down some of the best websites for free stock images to grab the attention of your targeted audiences.

Be it your Adsense approval or the need of isolating your product from the competition, these free stock images websites will definitely strengthen your business.

Free Stock Photos Website List

Pixabay Free Stock Photos Website


When it is about free stock photos with highest clarity and resolution, Pixabay free image website stands strong at rank 1. Used by millions of content management and digital marketing companies all around the world, Pixabay website provides you with stock photos of every kind. So whether you are planning to use these beautiful copyright free images for your blog, official website, or presentation, you can use Pixabay without any hassle.

Pixabay Website link:

Dreamstime Free Stock Photos Website


The Dreamstime website is one of the leading free photo websites that has a massive collection of stock images. It lets you use an arsenal of free photos, which can be used on your website or any other web property. Besides this, Dreamstime website facilitates you to download audio and video files according to your business requirements. However, for video files, you need to pay some amount, but overall it is surely a value for money website for free stock photos.

Dreamstime Website Link:

Unsplash Free Stock Images Website


Another free stock images website, which has been dominating the graphics industry, is Unsplash, which is one of the widely used stock images websites.

Stunning wallpapers, business images, textures, nature, current events, animals, fashion, spirituality or other topics, Unsplash stock images website has almost everything needed for your business.

What’s more?

If you are a photographer or looking to showcase your creativity to the world by submitting photograph, you can do the same on Unsplash photo website.

Unsplash Website Link:

Burst Free Stock Images Website


The next one in free stock images website list is Burst website, which has been known for its wide category of free images with no copyrights issues. It is built under shopify and lets you download the free stock images from an extensive collection.

Yes! You can download your desired free stock image from various categories based on technology, travel, work, people, fashion, beauty, business and much more.

Other than great stock images, burst website is known for providing you with the most lucrative business ideas as well.  Isn’t that super cool?

Burst Website Link:

Yes! You sensed it right.

The Burst website provides you with the complete business information such as business objective, how to do the respective business, marketing process, business model along with DIY tips. Hence, besides merely providing you with free stock photos, this Burst website has much more that inspires you to become an entrepreneur.

Negative Space Free Stock Photo Website


Negative Space website has obtained the fifth position in our free stock images websites owing to amazing high resolution free stock photos. Along with free stock images, it facilitates the user to buy the premium images too, if needed.

Moving forward to free images categories; here, you can opt for your preferred images through various categories encompassing business, nature, tech, food, travel, fashion, etc.

Negative Space Website Link:

Pexels free Stock Photos Website


Another well-known website for free stock images in our list is Pexels.  Yes! It is a fact!

For free images and videos, Pexels website has been used by most of the content management companies, graphic design and digital marketing agencies all around the world. And, the reason is, professional, eye catching and high resolution photos. Use these beautiful free images for your Adsense approval, website enhancement, presentation or empower your Youtube channel with free intro video through Pexels website.

Pexels Website Link:

PicJumbo Free Stock Photos Website


Another muscular contender roaring in our free stock image list is undoubtedly PicJumbo, which has been rapidly gaining the momentum in free stock image industry.  This free stock image web property has a widespread collection of free stock photos for your commercial and personal projects.

PicJumbo has a pretty simple user interface, which lets you choose your desired stock photo right from its home page without getting into the menu bar. However, a few paid advertisements may annoy you initially, but the image quality will certainly make you contented.

PicJumbo Website Link:

Downloading images from Google and using them on your website without the permission of its owner is a crime. Don’t come across image copyright issues if there is a solution to it.

So, the next time you need free stock images, it will be a good idea to use these free photo websites. It is better to be safe than swift.

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