Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives for 2019: Fastest Approvals

Google Adsense alternatives for 2019. Yes! This is today’s topic, and it is one of the widely searched topics by the novice bloggers. However, most of the bloggers know what Google Adsense is, but we will still cover it within a few sentences to let the newbies know about it.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the most powerful advertising platforms of Google. It is elegantly developed for the website publishers looking to display various types of advertisements on their website for the purpose of earning. These advertisements may be textual, graphical or in the form of videos. The advertisements are posted by the advertisers to generate traffic to their respective website (s) for sales or lead generation.

Where the Problem Statement lies?

Here is the catch…

There is no doubt to state that Google Adsense is known to be the best advertising platform. And, almost every blogger may have dreamt of getting the Adsense account approved on their website. Yeah?

But, how about that if your Google Adsense account is rejected? The next situation arises if your Adsense account is banned owing to some reasons.

Now, you have two solutions. Either you need to correct the issues mentioned by Adsense reviewers or you can find the best Google Adsense alternatives. Thus, the Adsense alternatives can be extremely useful for you if you are looking to monetize your website within less time.

Here are some of the best Google Adsense alternatives that help you turn your blog into a cash machine:

Media.Net – No 1 in Google Adsense Alternatives:


Well! It is one of the preferred Google Adsense alternatives of a massive number of bloggers. Why?

The reason is its flexibility to let you create customized ads per your blog’s pattern, fastest approval, high monetization factor powered by Yahoo & Bing. Thus, it is my personal favorite too.

It is known for the faster approval process that takes merely two business days. Isn’t that cool?  But, you need to ensure that your blog is captivating the visitors from the USA, UK, Australia for a hassle-free approval. Last but not least, it is empowered by a massive number of advertisers all around the globe, which is the reason that it enables you to earn more. In order to get payment you need to wait for a month, but the approval process is faster than Adsense.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from $100

Approval Time frame for 2 Days

Chitika – No 2 in Google Adsense Alternatives:


In our list of Google Adsense alternatives, Chitika stands sturdy in respect to earning if your website has good quality traffic from the USA and UK. The ads hosted on this platform are somewhere similar to Adsense but when we compare them, Chitaka’s CPC was lower than Adsense. In order to earn more revenue, it lets you customize your ads per your need or strategy.

What more? Chitika advertising platform can be used simultaneously with Google Adsense platform, which means you can host ads from both platforms within one go. But, make sure your blog is not bombarded with too many ads, as it can disrupt the user experience of your blog. The best part about this Adsense alternative is that you don’t need to worry about your blog’s traffic or domain’s age while applying for it. The approval process is simple! Good news for new bloggers. Isn’t it?

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from Chitika: $10

Approval Time frame for Chitika: Up to 7 days

Propeller Ads – No 3 in Google Adsense Alternatives:


This advertising platform is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for the new and intermediate bloggers. This powerful advertising platform is chosen by more than 150k publishers owing to worldwide coverage, publisher community, referral program and Adsense compatibility. That’s not all! Its amazing feature, namely “Push Service” facilitates publishers to send their content related updates to their subscribers automatically. Hence, besides monetization, it is great for increasing your website traffic as well.

And, do you know the best part about it?

The minimum payout is as low as $5, which is paid every Thursday. Quick money isn’t it?

As per my personal experience, this platform may display adult advertisements on your blog at times. Thus, you need to know this before choosing it.

In case you have a website based on torrent files, music, Apk or wallpapers, choosing this Adsense alternative can be a fair choice.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from PropellerAds: $100 for the first time, and $50 afterwards

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from PropellerAds: $5

Approval Time frame for PropellerAds: 3 to 7 Days

InfolinksNo 4 in Google Adsense Alternatives

Well! The fusion of 100, 000+ connected websites, 240 million monthly visitors, 1.5 billion monthly ad views makes it one of the chosen Google Adsense alternatives globally. Here, the advertisements get more attention, which sets a path of stable revenue. Moreover, it lets you have more options of ad customization that add value to its effectiveness.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from Infolink: $50

Approval Time frame for Infolink: 2 to 5 Days

Revcontent – No 5 in Google Adsense Alternatives

Another contender in our kitty of Google Adsense alternatives is Revcontent, which is known to have associations with world’s leading media brands. Its publisher control widgets are designed to provide your audience with the apt content, which improvises the scope of earning. If we discuss CPC, there is no doubt to mention that Revcontent has good CPC, which is approximately one to two cents per click. You can get assured about its credibility by knowing that some of the great websites such as Forbes and PCworld use this Ads platform for earning.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from Revcontent: $50

Approval Time frame for Revcontent: 7 Days

VigLink – No 6 in Google Adsense Alternatives:

The workflow management of Viglink is different from other advertising platforms present in our list of Google Adsense alternatives. All you need is to write great content and win the confidence of your audience. That’s it. You are all set to earn big.

Here, you can earn via your external links present on your blog’s content. In other words, this platform converts external links present in your content to affiliate links and makes you earn if any user buys something through it. So, it is similar to an affiliate program, but has more scope and user friendliness. So, no need to register multiple affiliate programs separately, as it can quickly convert your external links to affiliate links.

Let’s talk about earning now. Yeah? Well! On a successful sales transaction, Vlink charges 25% as commission and 75% is earned by you. Moreover, you can use it along with Adesense.

The interesting part is, it does not have any prerequisite of blog traffic. So, focus on the quality of content to earn from your blog.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from Viglink: $10

Approval Time frame for Viglink: 48 hours

Skimlinks – No 7 in Google Adsense Alternatives:

Next to Viglink, we have Skimlinks in this segment of best Google Adwords alternatives. Thus, we have placed it here. It works just like Viglink and you can also consider it as the alternative of Viglink. Once again, it converts your external links to affiliate links. In the event that a sales transaction is completed via your link, you are entitled to get paid. Please be informed that in Viglink and Skimlinks advertising platforms let you earn on the basis of sales instead of clicks.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from Skimlinks: $10

Approval Time frame for Skimlinks: 72 hours

Amazon Native Shopping Ads – No 8 in Google Adsense Alternatives

Some of you must be wondering to see Amazon advertising program in our list of Google AdSense alternatives. But, studies reveal that it is one of the ideal advertising platforms of bloggers all around the globe. Amazon has enticed bloggers with Amazon Native shopping Ads in the market of website monetization.  If you are getting a good amount of traffic from the US and UK, then this advertising platform can certainly multiply your bank balance. It lets you earn commission on sales, which may be four to eight percent. The percentage of commission varies as per the category of products.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from Amazon: $100

BuySellAds – No 9 in Google Adsense Alternatives:

If you are a blogger and looking to earn by selling the advertisement space on your blog, then this can be your favorite advertising platform. It allows you to display ads of various types such as textual ads, RSS ads, Tweet ads and banners to earn good.

This advertising platform has a wide range of features to let you sell with ease.

In order to get approval on BuySellAds, your blog needs to be professionally designed with monthly impressions of 100k. What’s more?

It facilitates you to streamline your banner pricing and actions (e.g., approval, rejection, etc.) against the offers given by advertisers through a great user interface.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from BuySellAds: $20 via Paypal

Approval Time frame for BuySellAds: 4 – 5 Business Days

AdSterra – No 10 in Google Adsense Alternatives:

This one is included in the list of our Adsense alternatives for those who have at least 50, 000 page views per month. Hence, it is not for new bloggers. In order to get payment, you need to earn at least $20. The payment is made after 35 days at the end of the month. The approval process takes around three to four days. The methods of receiving payments include Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney, etc. A well-organized customer support department of this advertising platform makes it loved by the professional bloggers.

Minimum Payment required for withdrawing money from AdSterra: $10

Approval Time frame for AdSterra: 48 hours

The Bottom Line

Don’t lose hope if your blog is not approved by Google Adsense. Well! That is not the end of your blogging career instead it is a beginning. Hold your confidence back and proceed with these carefully chosen and best Google Adsense alternatives to convert your blog into a cash machine. Feel free to share your personal experience with blog monetization to let others know more about Google Adwords alternatives.

Cheers and happy blogging! 🙂

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