Google Adwords Tutorial – Benefits of Adwords

Want to run Google AdWords, which is also known as PPC campaign to boost your online business? Curious to know about Google AdWords, PPC strategy or the advantages of Google AdWords? If our guess is right, then you have landed over the right page. Here, will learn about Google AdWords from the basics and discuss its advantages and a few tips to run the best AdWords campaigns.

What is Google AdWords or Google Ads?

Well, AdWords  or Google Ads is one of the popular paid advertising platforms of Google that lets you promote your products or services all around the globe. You can connect with your targeted audience by creating compelling ad copies of your products/services including meaningful text and vivid images. If the ad campaigns are created intelligently, you can quickly boost your sales in Business to Consumer (B2C) as well as Business to Business (B2B) segments.

Want to Know How AdWords or PPC Strategies Can Help Your Business Grow with a Use Case?

Hmm. Let’s take it a little further and understand it with an example. Imagine that you own a pastry shop, and your shop’s online presence is not strong as compared to your competition. It means, whenever your targeted customers are searching for the products related to your business, the search engine displays your competitors on top of the listing. Well! don’t you think that you deserve to appear there as well? It can be a serious concern for your business, if you are not visible online in today’s digital world. Isn’t it?

Perhaps your competitors are strong on Google’s organic search or they may have been running the quality-driven PPC strategy/AdWords campaign for their products. Rethink!

Before you have any question about Google’s organic search, let me answer it. Organic search is a methodology of online marketing that lets you bring your website on the first page of Google search engine results. It is attained by continuous SEO practice, which includes link building, quality content, and other SEO factors.

Coming back to our core topic Google AdWords platform. It gives you the leverage to attain Google’s top ranking by creating paid ad copies of your products & services. In other words, it gives you an opportunity to overtake your rivals even if you are not good on Google’s organic search.

Here are a few advantages of Google AdWords or well created PPC strategy for your business:

Selection of Campaigns: Google Ads or AdWords is one of the smartly designed advertising platforms, which includes various types of Ad campaigns to fill your sales funnel. Based on your business requirements, you can choose your preferred ad campaigns (e.g., branding, awareness, lead generation, etc.).

Geo Targeting Feature: This Google Ads or AdWords feature helps you target your customer per your preferred geographic location. So, if you are living in India and running a business of jewelry, you can still run your ad campaigns in the USA. But, make sure to choose the geographic location after analyzing the market thoroughly. Otherwise, it will be hard to get your Return on Investment (ROI).

Quick Results for Branding: As compared to SEO, creating Google AdWords campaign is a faster way to obtain quick results if used aptly. If you are in the quest of branding your product within less time, choosing the brand awareness campaign can serve your purpose. It will boost traffic to your website & transform your product as a brand to the entire world or your preferred location.

E-mail Marketing: The importance of email marketing is well-known in every business vertical. Here comes AdWords in the focus. Confused?

Well! It can be used for e-mail marketing as well. Yes, you heard it right. In September 2015, Google integrated its Gmail ads with AdWords platform to help you establish the better connectivity with your audience.

Re-marketing: It is methodology that is used to re-market your products to the customers who came to your website for window shopping. Let’s suppose, you run a mobile shop and a few visitors searched various mobile phones on your website. But, they did not purchase any mobile phone owing to some reason and left the website abruptly. Re-marketing lets you track this event and facilitates you to create a list of these type of customers, so that you can target them with various marketing strategies (e.g., offers, new arrivals, etc.).

So, these are just a few benefits of Google Adwords, and its hard to jot down each one of them in a single piece of content.

But beyond advantages, it is essential to run your ad campaigns under the supervision of a qualified AdWords expert to get the full out of it. A tiny mistake in AdWords or PPC strategy can make you lose your hard-earned money and effect your market penetration, go-to-business and turnover.

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