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How to Evaluate PPC Services – Top 3 Factors

Pay per click or PPC services are among the widely used paid advertising platforms offered by Google. Be it small, medium or large enterprises, PPC advertising services are helping organizations meet their business goals and setting new benchmarks in the business verticals. You can also be one of them, but all you need is, to find the best PPC management company. Well! It’s quite easy to say ‘find the best PPC or Adwords management company’.

But, is it really easy? Good question, yeah?

In the mushrooming of Adwords or PPC management companies, choosing the best PPC agency can be a daunting task. Here, we will learn how to evaluate your PPC services to be assured if you have hired the best paid advertising company per the nature of your business.

So, let’s quickly discuss the top 3 factors used to evaluate your PPC services:

Business Understanding: Every business is different from other when it’s about their management. Nevertheless, their objective remains the same, which is growth. Right? Thus, to get the best out of your PPC services, you need to make sure if your PPC service provider understands your businesses. The more they understand the flow of your business, the better PPC campaigns they create. Hence, stay connected with your PPC managers to update them regarding your business trends and figure their understanding regularly.

Transparency in the Process: Be it personal or professional life, transparency in relationship is extremely important to nurture it. Same principal applies at the time of availing PPC services. Is your PPC service company providing you with a detailed weekly report based on your budget, ad visitors, sales funnel and other business parameters? Does your PPC service provider come up with structured plans and positive results to further boost your business? Is your PPC service provider selecting the right type of PPC campaign, (lead, awareness, clicks, etc.) per your business goal and explaining you the reason of selecting the same? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): This is the most crucial factor to evaluate the performance of your PPC services or campaigns. It is pretty easy. Calculate the amount spent on your PPC advertising campaigns and revenue generated by them. Here is the formula to determine the return on ad spent, which defines how much you get for hosting an advertisement on Adwords:

For instance, if you have made the sales of Rs. 1000 from PPC advertisement after spending Rs. 500, your ROAS would be 100 percent. Here is the formula to calculate ROAS:

(Rs.1000 profit – Rs. 500 PPC cost = Rs. 500)

———————————————————  X 100 = 100%

Rs. 500 PPC cost

The best part about the ROAS calculation is that it is extremely easy. Additionally, ensure your PPC service provider is explaining you the difference between organic search visitors and paid advertising visitors. It will help you measure your ROI more clearly, and this data is explained with textual or graphical reports.

This is how you can evaluate if you are availing the best PPC services to grow rapidly in your niche. Remember! The entire world is your marketplace, if you optimize your PPC campaigns smartly.



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