Schema Markup & Rich Snippets – Boosting Website Traffic by 200%

Before knowing the significance of schema markup and rich snippets for your business, let’s understand the difference between schema markup and rich snippets. What is schema markup? Well! Schema markup is a set of code inserted into your website’s code to display various search result formats or embedded features in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

In other words schema markup is similar to those highlights that we happened to mark on our notebooks with neon colored highlighters for the quick reference. On the web world, search engines crawl/read these markers and display the specific information in the search results. The data in SERP is displayed according to the schema markup code implemented in your website’s code.

And, the collection of search result display formats, also known as embedded features, is called rich snippet. Yes!

Rich snippet is the outcome of schema markup (s) applied on any website.

Schema is usually divided into two core segments including Microdata and JSON-LD and its apt usage helps you boost the organic traffic drastically. Still confused?

Let’s learn about rich snippets with an example. You can add the rating schema markup to showcase the rating of your product, service or even website’s article. Through schema markup code, you can set the rating (zero to five star) of your product or services, which will be displayed as snippets in SERP. We will discuss rating schema markup once again in the later section of this article.

Top Types of Schemas Resulting Rich Snippets

Organization Schema Markup: The organization schema markup is used to display the organization’s information including logo, intro, contact information, stock price, subsidiaries and social media profiles. The personal rich snippet presented below will be displayed in SERP when you search ‘Oracle’ on search engine.


Schema Person Markup: In the event that you are looking to display your personal information on SERP, you need to use this schema. The information may include name, designation, date of birth, spouse, salary, education, etc. Here’s the rich snippet displayed when you search for Mark Zukerberg on Google.


Rating and Review Schema Markups: These types of schema markups enable you to display the rating and review of your respective product and service. In the event that your prospective customers search for your product or services, it will display the rating and reviews in the search results. It helps you win the confidence of your customer, resulting more sales as well as turnover. Here’s the rating rich snippet displayed when you search for PPC services.  Remember! Rating and Review are two different schema markup types.


Local Business Schema Markup: The next schema we have is named as local business schema, which is extremely popular for local organizations. This type of schema helps your customers locate your business information such as official address, working hours, contact numbers, holidays, etc.

Article Schema Markup: Another interesting schema markup in our list of top schemas is undoubtedly article markup schema. It is mainly used for blogs and news related websites to make their content easily readable.  For instance if a user types “today’s news” in search engine, it will result various news related websites at the top of search engines irrespective of their organic ranking.

Video Schema Markup: The next participant in the race of best schema markups is Video Schema Markup, which helps search engines display any video in search results. Implementing Video object markup on your website is useful if you want search engines to crawl and display your video in video search.

Event Schema Markup: This schema markup facilitates you to showcase information related to any concert, webinars, festivals, discourses, etc. All you need is to search the event’s name or niche, and you are all set to view the event’s details including its date, time, venue, and much more.

Product and Offer Schema Markup: This markup is intended for selling any item or service by displaying its information, price, inventory status, etc. All you need to do is, search the respective product or service on search engine and you are all good to see the respective rich snippet.

Questions and Answers or Q&A Schema: This schema type is great for the FAQ webpage of any website. It showcases the answers given to specific questions typed by users as a search query. It is one of the latest schemas introduced in the digital marketing arena.

Use these schema markups to get the best rich snippets according to your business requirements and hold a strong position in search engine result pages. Happy online marketing!

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