SEO Strategy in 2019 – 2020 Proven to Achieve Goals 90% Faster

Your SEO strategy in 2019? What are your SEO objectives in 2019 or SEO target in 2019?

Well! Whether you are running an SEO company, providing freelance SEO services or looking for the new SEO services for your business, these questions will surely arise. Right? And, obviously you should care about it because it’s the matter of achieving your business objective. So, let’s begin with this proven SEO plan of 2018!

Here are some of the high level measures that are essential for an effective SEO strategy in 2019 to attain 90 faster results than any other SEO strategy:

Target Evaluation:

Success has different meanings and is measured in various ways. For some of us, it is merely generating revenue, and for others it is associated with the blend of brand value, helping the society and earning profits accordingly. Before starting SEO planning, it is essential to figure out how the success will be measured after three months, six months or a year. Are we looking for generating revenue through our existing customers, new clients, up-selling or any other specific activity? Make sure each member in your online marketing team understands it well. One of the most common targets given to the marketing teams is revenue generation, which is also known as the foundation of SEO planning.

In most of the business cases, the rise in number of new customers is also a sign of improvised revenue.  Once, you determine the number of new customers needed, you can work more efficiently on Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), website visitors and conversion rates.

Set the Benchmarks to Accelerate the Progress:

Right after knowing the number of required customers, you need to evaluate the percentage of this objective to be achieved via SEO. Your ability to hit your SEO goal can be measured based on this series of benchmarks, which define where your brand stands today. Here are a few of them to boost your SEO planning. :

  • SEO standing or Share of Voice (SOV): In order to determine the rank of your respective brand, we measure our SEO standing, which is also known as share of voice. Have you made the descriptive analysis of keywords or search queries leading to rank your website on the first page of Search Engine Result Page (SERP)? Well! It is helpful to find out the content, which is ranking whether it belongs to us or our competitor. In other words, it is useful for competition analysis (i.e., distribution channels, back link strategy, citations, etc.).
  • Dig into the competition analysis: In order to win any competition, you need to understand it well. Right? Thus, using SEMrush’s gap analysis tool is extremely useful that lets you know that the keywords that are your competitors are ranking on. It enables you to get the most powerful keywords that are meaningful for your business. Know the difference in revenue generated by organic search and paid search and set quarterly benchmarks to evaluate the overall growth of your venture. This is how you can initiate a great SEO strategy.
  • Have a look at Conversion Rates: Do you have a count on number of visitors that are converting into leads or customers? If not, then it needs to be taken seriously, as these parameters help you measure the performance of your SEO strategy or digital marketing team. You can segregate the conversion rate according to various channels such as Organic search, paid search, direct traffic, paid social, email marketing, social media, referrals, etc.
  • Make Your Website Free from Technical SEO Errors: Control the factors that are restricting your website from being ranked well. Yes! We are talking about the on page issues, website’s critical errors, link building issues, etc. For instance, a 404 error on any of your website’s page can impact your website adversely. Thus, ensure you are correcting them according to Google’s guidelines. Make sure you take good care of Technical SEO errors in your SEO planning because making a tiny mistake here can restrict the acceleration of your website’s ranking.

All Set? Time to Execute Your Core SEO Strategy or Action Plan:



Right after deep analysis, it’s time to initiate the execution of your SEO strategy. Here are some of the useful points that are needed to perform the same:

  • Bring the right audience to your website via web traffic
  • Focus on the quality of traffic instead of quantity because you don’t want to increase your bounce rate
  • Boost the volume and quality of the qualified leads
  • Increase the number of customers

Your SEO plan may vary as per your benchmarks, market competition, budget availability, or the demand of your product. Augment your SEO reach by creating meaningful content as per your niche and identity the useful topics to write that are not yet ranked online.

Conclusion about Your SEO Strategy in 2019 – 2020

Last but not the least, increasing CTR and conversion rates, and reducing the threat of rank loss are some of the very important factors for any SEO strategy. Here are a few more things to remember:

Ensure your CTR is apt as per your target. In the event that it is not up to the mark, reevaluate your website’s performance (i.e., loading time, HTML design, UX, engagement metrics, on page SEO, website’s rating on third party websites, etc.)

At the time of revamping your website, keep a check on the critical errors displayed in search console and try to fix them ASAP as per Google’s guidelines. They may be related to indexing, page not found (404), duplicate content, etc.

In order to get the best out of your SEO plan or strategy, you need to have apt budget and timeline. So, if you are in the quest of making noteworthy SEO contribution to your marketing goal, make sure to have a fusion of the right budget and resources.

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