SEO Tutorial – What is SEO and How It Works

Have you hired the best SEO company in Delhi, India or outside India for your business growth? Did you ever know the importance of SEO and SMO and how they can boost the online presence of your business?  Do you have an idea that the right SEO and SMO strategies can transform any small and midsize business (SMB) to large enterprise? SEO, SMO and content writing are the pillars of online marketing. If the content writing service is a vehicle to beat the competition in your market, then online marketing is its fuel that adds motion to it. Lets learn all these concepts on detail:

The difference between SEO and SMO and how they can benefit your business drastically:

Starting from SEO, it is also known as search engine optimization, a methodology to boost the online presence of your website. Imagine, if your products and services are visible on the first page of Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo, Baidu and other search engines. Well! It can result more business enquiries, which can be converted to sales and accelerate the turnover of your venture. Your go-to marketing is going to be easy as well as effective. Isn’t that great?

Here are the two types of search engine optimization including on page SEO and off page SEO.

What is On Page SEO Strategy:

On page SEO strategy is all about optimizing the content of your website. It includes implementing the right article title, HTML tags, meta description, keywords and other on page optimization factors per google search SEO algorithm. The content of your website needs to be written after analyzing the market o your niche and keywords through various keyword analysis tools. This practice is extremely helpful to quickly bring more traffic to your website.

What is Off Page SEO Strategy

Off page SEO strategy is based on creating backlinks of your website on various websites, blogs, or articles. The moment you create your website’s backlink on high domain/page authority websites, you get traffic back to your website, which is great for your business. The backlinks can be created via press release, guest posting, blog commenting, profile creation, bookmarking websites, etc. Creating quality backlinks is one of the important SEO factors mentioned in Google SEO Algorithm, so make sure to create them on quality websites only.

Moving on to SMO. Well SMO stands for social media marketing, which is a process of creating strong presence of your organization on various social media platforms. The list of popular social media platforms includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. SMO includes the practice of tweaking your social media pages related to their format, security, appearance, information, etc. Using social media platforms wisely can help you fulfill your business goal with ease. Make sure to spread awareness about your products and services by creating your website’s backlinks and postings on these popular social media platforms.

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