Is Your Chromecast or Smart TV Viewed by Others Unethically?

Chromecast devices, smart TVs and Google Home speakers, if you think that they are foolproof from the data security’s viewpoint, think again. If they are not configured well, you may come across cyberattacks. A massive number of Chromecast devices, smart TVs (e.g., Using Google’s technology) and Google Home smart speakers are hacked by a group of hackers in the very first month of 2019. And, this attack is known as CastHack.

Let’s Learn What is CastHack Attack in Detail

Two hackers namely HackerGirrafe and J3ws3r have hijacked a massive number of Google’s smart TVs, home speakers, and Chromecast devices. In order to perform this unethical action, they have exploited a bug, which was overlooked by Google in the past. They have hacked Chromecast feeds, smart TVs to promote the “Pewdiepie” youtube channel. In other words, they managed to display a pop-up on all these devices, asking viewers to subscribe Pewdiepie channel as a mandate. In order to execute this attack or taking devices in their control, hackers took advantage of inaptly configured router settings. This is how they were successful in displaying their desired content on the connected devices (e.g., Chromecast, smart TV, Google Home Speakers, etc.).

Let’s get into the past (late last year) for a while. Yes! These hackers hijacked thousands of internet connected printers for printing out a document, asking users to subscribe Pewdiepie channel.

Google has acknowledged it and received reports from users who experienced these unauthorized videos being played on their device (s). Right after researching the matter, Google has mentioned that this attack took place owing to inapt router configuration.

How to Stay Safe against CastHack Attack


In the event that you have come across CastHack attack, all you need is to turn off universal Plug and Play (UPnP) on your router.  Unsure about UPnP ? Well! It is a set of protocols that configure and connect devices within the same network.

HackerGirrafe and J3ws3r have stated that these attacks are executed to help technology giants further improvise their security instead of harming users. Last, but not the least, it is our responsibility to stay updated with technology to keep these types of data & network security attacks at bay. Have a safe online journey.

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