Top 16 PPC Interview Questions by the Best PPC Companies in India

PPC Interview Question 1: Introduce Yourself

Well! This is one of the common questions asked by most of the Adwords management or PPC companies at the time of interview. Here, the employer asks your introduction to figure out how you came into the online marketing profile.  Moreover, your resume for the post of PPC service provider or aspirant makes a huge difference here. Thus, make sure to create a single page resume for the PPC profile to collaborate everything in crisp. Another aspect that we are covering in the introduction section is that your career objective needs to be clear, which adds value to your profession. It is the reason that we have included this question at number one position in our PPC interview question list.

PPC Interview Question 2: What is Google Adwords or Google Ads and How it Works

This is another commonly asked PPC interview question asked by most of PPC companies. Google Ads formerly known as Adwords, is one of the most popular advertising platforms developed by Google. It is used by millions of companies worldwide. It lets advertisers host their advertisements on Google’s Search Network, Display Network, Shopping (Google’s search result) by bidding on various keywords per their business need. Google makes money through this platform by charging an advertising cost from the advertisers. Google Ads platform works on the basis of bids and ads’s quality score wherein the ad with higher bid and quality score appear on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The CPC amount is deducted from the advertiser’s account once their advertisement’s objective is fulfilled.

PPC Interview Question 3: How many types of Google Ad campaigns are available

This question comes at number 3 in the list of our PPC interview question guide, which is asked to know if you understand the basics of Google Ads. Here are the types of Google Ad campaigns:

Search:  It lets you create textual or call advertisements that appear in search results of Google.com and Google search partner sites. Search partner sites are the websites included in Google search network.

Display: It enables you to display visual attention-grabbing ads to users while they are checking Gmail account, using mobile apps, browsing their favorite ads, watching YouTube videos, etc.

Shopping: This campaign facilitates you to showcase the detailed information of products available in your shopping website.

Video: These types of ads are created in the video format intended to generate conversions, brand awareness and reach.

Universal App: This type of Google Ads campaign is used to promote your app on various platforms such as Google’s search network, display network, YouTube, Google Play.

PPC Interview Question 4: How many types of Ad campaign goals are available in Google Ads?

Usually, there are six goals available in Google Ads, which are as following:

Sales: It lets you drive online sales via in app, by phone or in store.

Leads: This goal lets you generate leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take an action per your business objective.

Website Traffic:  This goal enables you to get the right users visit your website.

Product and Brand Consideration: This goal is set if you are looking to encourage people to explore your respected products or services.

Brand Awareness and Reach:  If you are in the quest of reaching maximum number of audience to spread the awareness of your brand, then this goal can be set by you.

App Promotion: If you want your newly created app to be downloaded by maximum number of users, then this goal is for you.

Custom Made Campaign: If you don’t want to create your campaign with a goal on the initial level, setting this goal will be great.

PPC Interview Question 5 – What is an Ad group in Google Ads

An ad group is a collection of one or more advertisements that target a set of keywords. Once, these advertisements are clicked, they redirect the user to their respective landing pages for conversion.

PPC Interview Question 6 – What is the Difference between Pay per Click and Cost per Click (CPC) in Google Ads

Pay per Click (PPC) is the type of advertisement offered by Google Ads platform. And, the amount paid to display your advertisement on Google Ad platform is called CPC.

PPC Interview Question 7 – What is Google Quality Score

Google quality score is one of the most important factors to determine the ranking of your PPC ad and keywords. It is ascertained on the basis of your ad’s quality. The components such as Click through Rate (CTR) and the quality of your landing page determine the quality score of your advertisement.  A higher quality score of your advertisement reduces your CPC and help you get better ranking in search results.

PPC Interview Question 8 – What are the Core Factors of Google Ad’s Quality Score

  • Click through Rate (CTR): Click through rate is a metric to determine the number of clicks received by an advertiser according to impressions. Thus, ensure the CTR of your keyword (s) is good enough.
  • The quality of your ad copy – It needs to meet the policies of Google Ads platform.
  • The relevance between your keywords and advertisement.
  • The quality of your landing page and historical data of your PPC advertisement

PPC Interview Question 9 – What is Ad Rank

Adrank defines your ad’s position in competition, which is based on the fusion of bid amount spent on your keyword and the quality score of your ad.

PPC Interview Question 10 – What is Conversion Optimizer in Google Ads

Conversion optimizer is an automated tool of Google Ads that helps you accomplish maximum conversions at a profitable cost of acquisition. Thus, despite adjusting the PPC bid manually, conversion optimization program automatically adjust the bids to generate conversions under your Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

PPC Interview Question 11 -What are Converted Clicks

The clicks that complete the sales funnel or in other words that fulfill your business objective (e.g., sales, signup, etc.).

PPC Interview Question 12 – What are Search Terms

Search terms are the keywords that make your PPC ad triggered.

PPC Interview Question 13 – What are Ad extensions and mention any 5 or 6 ad extensions available in Google Ads

Ad extensions define additional information about your products through their specific format. They are known to increase the CTR of your advertisement and generate conversions. Here are the commonly used ad extensions:

  • Sitelink
  • Call Extension
  • Seller Rating
  • Location Extension
  • Review Extension
  • Mobile App Extension

PPC Interview Question 14 – Tell us the word limit to be followed in advertisements made under Google Ads platform

  • Ad’s description needs to have max – 25 characters
  • Second description section of your ad should have max-35 characters
  • Destination url needs to have 1024 characters at max

PPC Interview Question 15 – What is automated bidding and the main types of automated bid strategies

Automated bidding strategy helps an advertiser to achieve their business goals at max under the set targeted amount. Under this strategy, Google sets the bid amount for your business objective as per the possibility of your ad’s conversion. It is an intelligent system that analyzes that past data of your ad and bids for the maximum conversions accordingly.

Here are the 8 automated bid strategies available in Google Ads:

  • Maximise clicks
  • Maximise Conversions
  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Target Search Page Location
  • Target Outranking Share
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Target Impression Share

PPC Interview Question 16 – What is Ad Rotation and define the types of ad rotation in search network ads

Ad rotation is a mechanism to rotate your ads according to your business requirements. It includes the following options:

Prefer best performing ads: It facilitates you to show ads that are expected to get more clicks or conversions.

Rotate ads indefinitely: It shows ads more consistently for an indefinite amount of time.

Well, these are the basic questions that are commonly asked by some of the best PPC companies. So, make sure to be confident on these concepts to kick start your PPC career.

Additional PPC Interview Questions – Recently Added

How many types of display campaigns available in Gooogle Ads?

Standard Display Ads: These ads are used to showcase your products on various websites in display network. Here, you can target users according to keyword, topics or placements to get maximized revenue from your ad.

Gmail Ads: Gmail ads let you display your advertisement in the Gmail accounts of your targeted users. Likewise display ads, Gmail ads let you target the audiences per keywords, topics and placements.

What is Conversion Action?
Conversion action helps you set a goal for your Google ads campaign.

If your campaign’s daily budget is INR 50, is there any possibility of exceeding the daily budget? Please elaborate?

When we set our daily budget, the Google ads system recalculates it for a month. For instance, if your daily budget is INR 50, system will calculate it for a month, which will be 1500. Now, if the system finds the possibility of more clicks for a particular day, you daily budget may exceed.

How long it takes for Campaign approval?

Around 24 hours to 48 hours

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique of Google Ads that helps you retarget people that have performed various actions on your website (i.e., website visits, Added product (s) to cart, etc.).  For instance, if a user adds a product into cart and does not buy it due to some reason, you can target them again with more offers.

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