Top 3 Content Writing Services to Grow Your Business

Let’s discuss content writing services. Ready? I am sure that you have interest in content writing services, which is the reason you have landed here. Great! Let’s begin.

If content is king, then it’s strategically driven management works as its commander that takes it ahead in the competition. Some of us believe that content strategy management is merely about writing blogs/articles and publishing them. But, it is way ahead than this perception. Content has various forms including video creation, podcasts, technical writing, website content writing, SEO content writing, SOP writing, business proposal writing and much more. Now, as per the objective of your business, it is hosted on various platforms including online or print media format. No matter what type of content you manage, it is made for one common objective, which is establishing engagement with your targeted audience.

Since, the scope of this article is limited to figure out the most popular content writing services that are generating maximum revenue, so let’s come back to it:

Top 3 content writing services, generating maximum revenue in the content writing industry:

SEO Content Writing Service:

This type of content writing service is based on keywords research. In SEO content writing, the respective content writer analyzes the keywords before writing that are frequently searched as per the targeted business segment and geographic location. Right after analysis, the content is written according to the keyword proximity, density and prominence, which are SEO terms based on keywords placements in any article. According to the latest digital marketing blogs and studies, it is found that maintaining these SEO parameters in writing is extremely helpful to make any content viral.

Technical Writing Service:

Well! Technical writing service is another vertical of content writing, which is based on writing technical content. It is also extracted from the content writing service. Here, the technical content may be related to technology related tutorials, user guides, online help guides, technical use cases, SOW documents (e.g., PKI, software development, user guides, etc.), etc. In case of technical writing, the technical content writers are supposed to write straightforward content instead of beautification imbibed in content. Besides technical knowledge, the technical writer is supposed to create graphics to convey the objective to the targeted audience.

Here are the top 5 technical writing software tools that are used by major technical writing companies:

  • Adobe RoboHelp: It’s a help authoring tool, which lets the technical writers create responsive content.
  • Adobe Captivate: It is another authoring tool used to create e-learning modules.
  • Adobe Photoshop: This tool is used to create graphics that are used by technical writers to explain various technical jargons to the end users.
  • Adobe Framemaker: This technical writing tool is used to edit large and complex structured documents with ease.
  • Snagit: It is one of the most popular screenshot tools, which is used to capture screenshots and audio files.

SOP Writing and Business Proposal Writing Service:

SOP writing and business proposal writing come next in the list of top 3 content writing services. Starting with SOP writing; well! It stands for standard operating procedure, which is associated with writing procedural documents for any business. SOP writing is used to narrate the step wise flow of any business process, which helps employees follow a defined procedure to achieve any common objective. On the contrary, business proposal writing is all about creating business documents that contain information of your products/services with a sales intent. It may include the case studies related to your products such as product’s features, advantages, etc.

Well! Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, choosing the best content writing service is one of the crucial steps that you need to take as an entrepreneur. So, choose the best content writing service as per your niche and set new benchmarks in your business vertical with confidence because the entire world is your marketplace.


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