Top 5 Proven Social Bookmarking Websites that Actually Work

What are social bookmarking websites in SEO? What social bookmarking websites are used by the best SEO and PPC companies? How social bookmarking websites help your website get more traffic? How to do social bookmarking? If these questions are restricting your way to learn advanced SEO, then this is a right page to learn this popular SEO strategy.

Well! Most of the aspirants merely learn this term social bookmarking on a basic level. They add a few web pages on various websites for the heck of doing social bookmarking. A few of them do not understand the significance of social bookmarking strategy in SEO. Thus, we discourage the robotic learning and appreciate if they learn it conceptually from the scratch to boost the traffic on their respective website (s) within no time. Let’s begin with the definition of social bookmarking. All set?

Social Bookmarking Definition – Why It is Beneficial for SEO: Explanation

Well! Social bookmarking is the most effective SEO strategies, which is used by millions of SEO and PPC companies all around the world. In nutshell, it is a process of highlighting/marking your favorite websites/web pages on various social sharing platforms that are accessed by other users as well. Social bookmarking lets you add a detailed description of your products coupled with the related keywords to captivate the audience. Imagine if you have added a page related to your products on a social bookmarking website, which is accessed by other users looking for a similar or same product. Well! There are chances that your website will get visitors through this, which may also create possibilities for product inquiry, sales, etc. Besides generating sales, the traffic redirected from high authority website (s) helps your website stay strong in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). In a layman term, social bookmarking is helping you with two ways:

  • Generating traffic to your website, which may be helpful for lead generation.
  • Boosting your back linking to intensify your website’s ranking on various search engines.

Let’s go through the top 5 proven social bookmarking websites used by the best SEO companies to add value to your business and they actually work. There we go!


According to recent studies, it is found that Pinterest has more than 175 millions of user base per month, which is certainly massive. Isn’t it?

Powered with 98 DA and 81 PA, which may vary, this amazing website has everything that you need to boost your website’s traffic. Yes! Bookmarking on this website vouches the success of your business if performed aptly. Thus, make sure to create meaningful boards and pins per your business requirements and make quality connection to make your content visible to the rest of the world.


Another one in our list is Digg. Well! This social bookmarking website can turn out to be a goldmine if you have a unique and quality content. It is known to be a hub of highly engaging audience looking for detailed information on various topics. With 94 DA and 81 PA, this social bookmarking website has been standing sturdy in the tough competition of online marketing. If you are new to Digg, you may get confused while bookmarking your page initially. But, do not worry; we have a quick SEO bookmarking instruction for you here. Right after signing up, you need to scroll down the page to its bottom and click the link, namely ‘Submit a link’. Clicking this link will open a link submission page wherein your can post your website’s link. And, once it will be approved by their editors, it will be published accordingly.


Another interesting social bookmarking website, which is used by a huge number of content management, SEO and PPC companies globally. It is quick, reliable and owns 87 DA and 66 PA, which is pretty good from the SEO’s viewpoint. Hence, you can consider Folkd as a valuable source in your social bookmarking list.


The next contender under the top social bookmarking list is certainly scoop.it. It is a widely used social bookmarking platform owing to its great UI and powerful DA: 92 with almost no spam score. The content bookmarked here is proven to bring quality traffic to your website if published carefully. It lets you bookmark your desired webpage via adding its link or you can scoop the content without link as well.


Moving forward in the arena of top social bookmarking websites, Slashdot seems a strong candidate with its worldwide prevalence and eye-catching SEO metrics. Its blend of 92 DA and a large number of quality back links isolates it from the crowd. In order to submit your story, you just need to input its Title, Scoop or story’s description and url. That’s’it! You are ready to rock the world.  Besides this list, you can consider Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitter and Reddit for social bookmarking.

Here, our motive is to provide you with only quality social bookmarking websites instead of jotting down a huge futile list.  This is how you can bring high quality traffic to your website, which will skyrocket your Alexa ranking too. So, get profited by driving the right traffic to your website today.

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