Top 9 Advanced Google Search Operators Full List Used By SEO Companies

What is Google search operator ? The significance of Google search operator or search codes? How to search on google effectively? If you are unclear about these SEO related questions, then it’s your day to learn about them from the core. Google search operators are widely used by almost every SEO PPC company worldwide. They are queries or parameters, known as set of strings or characters used in search engines to narrow down the search results. They help us refine the data displayed against our search term on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Top 9 Google search operators that can be extremely helpful for you to obtain the desired results per your business need:

Exact Match:

Search query entered in double quotes is known as “Exact Match” search query, which is one of the widely used Google search operators. And, it can be used if you are looking to refine results for an ambiguous search result. It will also exclude the synonyms from your search results, which will help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Here, our query is “Best PPC Company in Delhi”, which can be replaced with your own query.

Google search code example: “Best PPC Company in Delhi”

Exclude a Search Term: In the event that you are in the quest of excluding a term or phrase from search results, you can use this Google search operator, “-”. Here, the following query will result best PPC companies and exclude Delhi from the search result.

Google search code example: Best PPC company –Delhi

In this scenario, the SERP will display the results of Best PPC company instead of best PPC company in Delhi.

Cache: In case you are looking to identify any website’s last page crawled by Google, you can use this Google search operator. Here, we are adding a website,, but you can input your desired website’s name accordingly.

Google search code example:

Allintitle: In the event that you are planning to research various blogs, you can use this Google search operator to perform your search with specific search term in blog’s title.

Google search code example: inposttitle: Best content writing company

Inurl: In case you are in quest of finding urls that have a specific search term, then this Google search operator can serve your purpose. This can be helpful in your SEO strategy. Here, we have used the search term, SEO services; but, you can use the search term according your niche. It is one of the most popular Google search operators used by digital marketing companies globally.

Google search code example: Inurl:SEO services


Your requirement of finding webpages of websites containing a specific text can be fulfilled by this amazing Google search operator. Yes! If you are looking to find PPC in web pages of various websites, you can use it. Here, in this scenario, our search term is PPC, which can be replaced per your market.

Google search code example: inurl:PPC

Site: Among the list of our Google search operators, this operator is used by almost every digital marketing company to determine the technical SEO errors and indexing status of any website. Imagine if your website has 10 physical pages, but Google has indexed more than 100 pages of your website. Well! It indicates a technical SEO error, which needs to be corrected. Here, we have used as an example, which can be replaced by your desired url at the time of testing.

Google search code example:

Filetype: There are times when you look for some particular file format in any website. Here comes this Google search operator in the picture. Suppose you want to find *.pdf files uploaded on any particular website, you can use this operator in that scenario.  Here, we are using the website,, but you can replace the website’s url as per your need.

Google search code example: filetype:pdf

Map: It is one of the widely used Google search operators by most the SEO companies to understand any location via Google Map. In this scenario, we have used the state, Delhi as our search term, but you can replace it as per your need. Here is the syntax of this Google search operator:

Google search code example: Map:Delhi

Whether you own a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer, using these Google search operators will certainly help you create quick and result-oriented SEO strategies.

Whether you an online marketing professional or run a digital marketing company, these Google search operators will certainly give an edge to your digital marketing services. So, revolutionize the digital marketing ecosystem with these great Google search operators and get profited.

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