Top 9 PPC Tips by the Best PPC Services Company in Delhi, India

As per the proven case studies of the best PPC agency in Delhi – India, this article jots down the top 9 PPC tips and tricks. And, they are used by almost every PPC company to write amazing PPC ads for great ROI. Well! Be it awareness campaigns, lead generation campaigns or any other, we run paid advertising to get the best out of our investment. Since the process of conventional SEO is a bit sluggish than PPC, we use this amazing method of paid advertising, namely pay per click advertising (PPC). Both are the integral parts of any marketing objective and help each other if used wisely.

PPC vs. SEO, which is Better

In paid advertising, we immediately get a chance to showcase our products to a wide variety of audience for our business perspective. And, the best part is that they are displayed above the organic ranking. It means they are displayed on the top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to get more visibility. Furthermore, these ads facilitate you to add additional Call to Actions (CTAs) for captivating the audience within no time. That’s not all! PPC advertising lets you have the liberty to choose your keywords and target the audience accordingly. But, in order to get the most out of your campaign, you need to understand how PPC works. It includes keyword selection, bid management, ad placement, ad rotation, site links, ad copy, ad quality score and much more. So, you need to be skillful to drive more sales via this type of paid advertising. Limited knowledge of PPC advertising can cause low or zero ROI, which can be devastating for any business.



In nutshell, PPC advertising offers a massive number of benefits to your business, if management aptly. It is the reason that we avail PPC management services from some of the best PPC management companies. That was an overview of PPC advertising and its upper hand over conventional SEO. Now, let’s get back to our core topic, which is based on PPC advertising tips.

Let’s begin to with these Top 9 PPC pro tips and tricks and elevate your online business to new heights:

Right Input from the Client:

Knowledge or subject expertise is the foundation of performance. Hence, if your PPC Services Company is in the quest of delivering the high performing ads to clients, the first thing is to understand their business from its core. Whether you are taking their inputs through questioners or want to interview them for understanding their services, make sure to learn everything about their business. Since your respective client has expertise in that particular business, you can always ask for their suggestions about various terms used for their products. It will help you in keyword analysis and PPC strategy management.

Audience Viewpoint and Tonality:

Right after understanding the type of products or services to be sold, the next thing for any PPC services company is to establish the mindset of your audience. Understand their searches, requirements, pain points along with your solution to create better ad copies with high quality score. Moreover, in your ad copy writing style, make sure that your ad appears efficiently for your audience not for yourself. For instance, if your business is about offering PPC services, the ad copy needs to be as following:

Avail PPC Services at Discount | Generate Quality Leads

A few people tend to make mistakes by writing their ad copy as “We Provide PPC Services for Quality Leads”, which creates comparatively less impact on the audience. Additionally, a well-written ad copy is essential to obtain an impressive ad quality score of your advertisement, which also reduces your Cost per Click (CPC). Good quality score of your advertisement is one the deciding factors responsible for your ad ranking in the world of paid advertising. And, the better your ad ranking becomes, the more chances it has to generate business.

Beat the Competition with Your Ad:

It is one of the most important phases of your PPC ad copy management wherein you need to win your targeted customer’s confidence with your text. It can be performed by showcasing your service better than the competition. How? Well! You can mention the top qualities of your product/services, known as USP. In the event that you are unsure about it, you can always research your competitor’s PPC ad copy and reinforce your ad according to your business requirements. Feel free to mention offers, goodies, discount here – if applicable, as this can be a deciding factor to improve your sales funnel.

Strategic Planning and Keywords Inclusion:

Better planning can really make a huge difference in your ROI from PPC services. Hence, make sure your ad copy is written according to the in-depth keyword research considering search volume, competition, keyword price, and other related PPC advertising factors. Moving on, it needs to be written in a simple language, which should be grammatically correct. The inclusion of clumsy words or jargons in your advertisement can make your audience lose interest in your business. Thus, Ad extensions need to be placed strategically and your messaging needs to be unique. Furthermore, your ad copy needs to have the relevant keywords in your first and second line of ad copy, which is known to increase the Click through Rate (CTR).

Call to Action (CTA) and the Right Time to Display Ad:

A well written PPC advertisement is meaningless if it does not have the right call to action. Don’t know what is call to action (CTA)? Well! Call to Action (CTA) encourages your customers to respond to your advertisement according to the objective of your business. For institutes, CTA may be filling an admission form. And, for online shopping, CTA may be adding product (s) to cart or making an online purchase. So, please select the type of call to action according to your business requirements or objectives. Now, let’s move ahead and understand the right time to display your advertisement for maximum ROI. Well! It entirely depends on the type of your product, service and the geographic location of your prospective customer.


Have you imagined the outcome of an advertising campaign if it is displayed in odd hours? Huh! The answer is already known. Nobody or perhaps only a few people may see it, which will restrict you get the best out of PPC services. Thus, you need to evaluate the right time when most of your targeted customers are in front of their computers. This calculation can surely help you improve the visibility of your advertisement.

Match up Closely with Search Terms:

Here, we want you to include the text in your ad copy that is closely matched frequently searched terms or keywords. For instance, if the search term is “PPC Company Delhi”, then your ad copy needs to have “Best PPC Company in Delhi” in text instead of “Delhi based Best PPC Services Company”.

Pricing Factor and Categorization:

Mentioning price in your advertisement entirely depends on your business strategy or the nature of your product or service. If you need to filter out window shoppers and want to target the right people for lead generation, then you can mention the pricing in your ad copy. For better results, place the price according to the completion in your business. On the contrary, if your business objective is nurturing the audience about your product or service, you have an option not to display the pricing. Moving forward, you can categorize your audience in order to filter out bargain-hunting customers per your strategy. For example, if your targeted audience for an automotive product is wholesale buyers, then your ad copy needs to have the following sentence in its headline:

Buy Automotive Products at Discount – Wholesale Price

Thus, categorization of your ad copy helps you get rid of unwanted visitors to achieve ROI within less time.

The Art to Write Result-oriented PPC Headlines:

As per a research made by some best PPC services or management companies in India or abroad, your ad’s headline plays a significant role in generating leads. Yes! First impression is the last impression, so make the full out of it. Ensure your ad’s description, display url and ad extension are in sync with your headline. Moreover, if you think your competitor’s ad is appearing better, inherit a few of their useful taglines/terms in your ad and rephrase it accordingly. That’s not enough! Make sure to get your ad copy reviewed by any of your peers/co-workers to make any last minute change according to the need of your business segment.

More is Good and the Same Happens with PPC Advertisement:

Even if you are confident on your advertisement’s performance, it is always a great idea to create a couple of PPC ad copies to perform A/B testing. Got confused about what is A/B testing? Well! In the field of online marketing, A/B testing is a term used to measure the performance of two or more ad copies according to the revenue generated by them.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can create an awesome PPC ad copy to generate more business than ever before. Be a thought leader in your niche and create your own world of unlimited opportunities. Whether you are running a PPC management company offering PPC services or learning pay per click advertising, you can always refer to our online marketing blog for more info.

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