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Digital marketing interview questions and answers along with explanations. Yes! This is what the content of this online marketing blog is all about. It’s a well-known fact that digital marketing is today’s most popular field, which is helping professionals get hired in some of the best digital marketing companies globally. But, owing to lack of knowledge, the candidates come across difficulties at the time of interview. It’s why the aim of this article is to help individuals get the best digital marketing interview questions and answers to build great career in this vertical.  So, all set to get your dream job? Let’s get started.


What is the difference between SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM in any digital marketing strategy?

It is one of the questions where most of the candidates get confused. Therefore, it is added at number one position of our digital marketing interview questions and answers. Let’s understand it one by one:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    SEO is a practice of online marketing, which is used to boost the quality and quantity of organic traffic to your website. Here, you earn traffic instead of buying it. It is of two types such as on page and off page SEO.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

    SEM is another digital marketing practice, which is used to generate traffic to your website by paid advertisement (e.g., Google Ads, Bind Ads, etc.).

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO):

    The practice of making any website compatible for social media and managing its social media identities as per digital marketing standards is known as SMO. It helps your website perform well on various social media platforms. SMO practice includes adding social widgets, initiating social login options, social sharing buttons on your website and optimizing social media pages of your organization. With optimizing social media pages of your company, we mean configuring them aptly and entering the right business information, business url, address, corporate logo, etc.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM):

    Generating traffic to your website via promoting them on various social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.) comes under SMO. It is one of the commonly used digital marketing strategies, which can be used for free as well via paid adverting. Promotion of your products or services via paid platforms on social media is known to be more effective than free social media promotion.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a practice that reduces the gap between any product/service and its intended audience. It enables us to promote any product/services on various digital platforms. The list of these digital platforms includes social media channels, WhatsApp, SMS/email marketing, press release, blogs/website, videos, online advertising, podcasts, etc. Unlike the traditional marketing approach, which is based on single side communication, digital marketing lets us communicate with the audience more interactively. Based on the inputs provided by our customers, we can create, deliver, and upgrade our products and services in a better way. That’s not all! It lets us analyze the market trend, target customers and measure the performance of our marketing efforts. So it streamlines the marketing and adds more control to your marketing strategies.

In technical language it is a combination of Search engine marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), web analytics, content & email marketing.

What are the major digital marketing strategies or types of digital marketing?

It is one of the commonly asked questions, which is the reason that it is added on number three of this digital marketing interview questions and answers list. Well! Digital marketing is categorized in two types such as inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Here is the explanation:

Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is a process to captivate the targeted audience and make them visit your web resources (e.g., website, mobile app, podcast, info-graphics, etc.). It lets you nurture your audience per their interest to generate business in a long run. Social media campaigns, paid advertising, webinars, content marketing campaigns are some of the examples of inbound marketing.

Outbound Marketing:

Outbound marketing is just like traditional marketing. Here, you approach a massive number of audiences without even knowing if they are interested in your product/service. The examples of outbound marketing include newspaper, TV ads, billboards, cold calling, banners, etc. Outbound marketing is costlier than inbound marketing as it is not targeted on a specific group of users.

Why are online marketing strategies gaining more popularity over traditional marketing practice?

Another common question added in the list of digital marketing interview questions and answers, which is usually asked to evaluate your generic digital marketing skills. Well! Online marketing is far better than traditional marketing because it provides you with the strategic approach of marketing, which is great for the growth of any business. Here are the advantages of online marketing:

  • Lets you target your customer (e.g., keyword research, trending topics, analysis, etc.) to execute online marketing strategies.
  • Detailed customer behavior analysis to speed up the marketing process.
  • It does not have limitations of geographic location, which helps you promote your products in any part of the world.
  • More control such as performance evaluation, scope of improvement with crystal clear online marketing reporting.
  • Inexpensive and result driven approach.

Do you understand about responsive website?

Next one in our digital marketing questions and answers list is a question, which is asked by entrepreneurs to evaluate your technical knowledge. So, let’s get back to the topic. Responsive websites are the websites that are device independent and respond faster than the traditional websites. In other words, these are the light weight websites, which load faster and run on various electronic gadgets without any formatting issues. FYI – Website’s page loading time is one of the extremely important SEO factors.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP or accelerated mobile pages is a popular open source initiative or library, which is intended to provide mobile users with smooth and faster web pages. ‘The Guardians’ is one of the websites that have converted its website into AMP version to help its users experience faster page loading time in their mobile browsers.  In other words, AMP pages are designed to make the web content load faster in mobile browsers.

How to boost the traffic on any website – Explain your digital marketing strategy in detail?

In our digital marketing interview questions and answers segment, it is one of the crucial questions that help the interviewer check your real digital marketing strategy or expertise. Hence, the answer is expected to be more detailed than any other answer. Yep! The blend of quality content and its right promotion is the key to boost the traffic of any website. It is mandatory to enrich the experience of your website’s visitor, which makes them stay on it for a long time and inspires them to revisit. When we discuss raising the level of user experience, we mean to create user friendly website format, quality content, content sharing/feedback facility, etc. Besides creating quality content, you need to figure out the high traffic websites to promote your content (e.g., social media platforms, question answer websites, high traffic blogs, paid advertising, etc.). Yes! We are discussing quality link building through various channels.

Let us know a few popular online marketing tools that you use in your digital marketing planning and execution?

It is the frequently asked question at the time of digital marketing interview. Here, they want to know if you have made the SEO strategies for real. So, here are the most popular SEO tools:

Ahref: It is used for link building and website competition analysis.

SEMRush: It is similar to Ahref, but powered with better GUI.

MOZ: This SEO tool is used to extract the backlinks, domain authority, page authority, spam score and other related SEO parameters of any website.

Google Trends: For the purpose of knowing the market trend or frequently searched keywords while creating content, you can use this free SEO tool.

MailChimp: This email tool is used to execute automated email campaigns.

BuzzSumo: Content research and analysis SEO tool.

Canva: It is used to get graphics for your social media campaigns.

Animato: In order to create business videos, you can make use of this tool.

How branding is different from direct marketing?

When we discuss branding, it is intended to increase the reach of your product or services via showcasing them to a huge number of audiences. Here, the purpose is to let customers know about your brand and its associated benefits. In branding, our sales objective is not clearly visible to the customers. The examples of branding are Youtube ads, remarketing, display ads, custom ads, etc.

In direct marketing your sales objective is clearly visible to your customer. The examples of direct marketing are shopping ads, search network only ads, dynamic search ads, etc.

What do you understand by Google Ads remarketing?

Remarketing is an online marketing strategy. It is used to target the customers who visited any website, but did not buy anything or performed action per marketing goal. Marketing goal can be based on generating sales, online form submission, phone query generation, etc. In this digital marketing strategy, we display the ads to these customers repeatedly with an objective to make sales.

How will you update yourself with ever evolving trend of digital marketing or what are the famous digital marketing blogs you follow?

Here, you can mention a few popular online marketing blogs that are known for their quality content in digital marketing industry:

  • Searchengineland
  • Searchenginejournal
  • Mashable
  • Niel patel blog, etc.

However, there is no limit of digital marketing interview questions, but these interview questions and answers will certainly help you win the confidence your interviewer. Share this content to help other aspirants crack the digital marketing interview with ease. Be prepared to stand out from the crowd because it is what you deserve. Cheers and good luck for your digital marketing interview!

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