Top Proxy Websites List to View the Blocked Content Anonymously

Proxy websites let you surf the Internet securely and anonymously. They also help you to view the content that may be blocked by your Internet service provider, network administrator or any other third party. These proxy websites are also known as web proxies. And, using them is extremely easy, as they do not require any additional software installation or configuration to run.  In order to display the websites as per your need, these proxy websites use their own IPs instead of using your IP address. It’s why they facilitate you to view the blocked content without any hassle.

Here is the list of a few best proxy websites:

proxy-websites-list is one of the best proxies websites used all around the globe to surf the Internet securely. This website is free from the undesirable advertisements, which certainly elevates the user experience.

Moving on to the level of security!

The best part about this proxy website is that it does not save your IP address and encrypts the web pages and urls simultaneously. Moreover, it adds value to your anonymous browsing by letting you use servers from three locations including Germany, Netherlands and the USA. So, take a chill pill and surf the Internet without any privacy related hassles.

proxy-website-list is another website that has dominated the market of proxy websites owing to its stunning features. All you need is, to input your desired url in its url bar and you are all set to go! It also gives you an option to select your preferred server from a wide range of servers, which simplifies your browsing experience indeed. Its simple user interface and compatibility with some of world’s most popular websites such as Facebook, Imgur, Twitter & YouTube make it popular among proxy websites. What’s more?

Its striking features of harnessing cookies and letting you remove scripts and objects will certainly make it your ideal proxy website.

kproxy-website-list is another contender in the list of top proxy websites. This powerful proxy website is used by more than 15, 00,000 users worldwide, and you can also download its extensions on Chrome and Firefox browser.  The best part about this elegantly designed proxy site is that it is faster, free and do not discourage users with continuous unwanted advertisements. In case you are looking for faster server speed, no downtime and access to premium servers, you can also download the pro version of this proxy website.

Hide My Ass Proxy:


LOL! The name may seem a little but funny, but this powerful proxy website is awesome in respect to its workflow management.

It is simple to use and gives you an option to connect through the servers situated in the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, etc. Its features of encrypting URLs, cookies and removing scripts before opening your desired website make it popular in the list of top proxy websites. What more?

Well! It allows you to have a free trial access of VPN, which is definitely more advanced than proxy websites. Yes! VPN is more secured than proxy website.


It works on every device, lets you stop ISP tracking, and helps you discover more secured access to restricted websites, online banking, etc.


If you are looking for proxy websites with servers situated in Europe or United States, then this proxy website is only for you.  It is a free and trustworthy web proxy option, which provides you with Chrome extension as well.  Besides helping you view the restricted content, it safeguards your computer against malicious attacks and scripts.  Avoid being spied by cyber criminals and surf the Internet without the fear of privacy protection measures.  So, be it encrypting urls, restricting cookies, removing scripts and stripping objects online, this free proxy website can do everything smartly.


Moving forward with the list of paid and free proxy websites, VPN is the next participant that captivates loads of cybersecurity enthusiasts. This proxy website can help you unblock Facebook, YouTube and other websites that are blocked in your office, workplace or geographic location. This SSL supported web proxy facilitates you to use various proxy servers located in the USA, Canada, UK and France.

OpenVPN services, zero percent bandwidth limitation, free PPTP smart CDN fallbacks are some of its USPs.  But unlike other proxy websites, it does not provide you with the features of blocking scripts and controlling cookies.


Another player in the list of proxy websites is certainly MegaProxy. You just need to input your desired url and hit ‘Surf’ button, and you are all set to discover the anonymous browsing experience. Besides concealing your IP address, this amazing proxy website hides your browser and operating system too. Hence, it adds another layer of security to your privacy protection. Powered with features related to blocking cookies, removing scripts and removing ads from the webpage makes it a better choice of the user. But, in order to access all of its facilities, you need to buy its premium version. The free version of this proxy website has the following limitations:

Restrict access if you browse more than 60 websites within 5 hours

You cannot block javascript

No option to login remotely for submitting any information to forums

No access to stream media content

But, buying the paid version of this proxy website will surely unlock all these restrictions. is another option in the list of our top proxy websites. The proxy server of this website is located in the US, which vouches the secured and anonymous web surfing. Be it Facebook, YouTube, Twiiter or other renowned web platforms, it can run almost everything smoothly. It is powered with an arsenal of great features pertaining to URL encryption, page encryption, cookie control, removing scripts and objects.

Isn’t this free proxy website worthy enough to give an edge to your privacy protection?


Leaving this popular website from out list of best proxy websites will never be a good idea. Yes! FilterbyPass is known to be robust, faster and simple to use proxy website, which is compatible with almost every social media network and online streaming website.  Its hassle free compatibility with YouTube and Dailymotion is one of the core reasons of its recognition.

Proxy Turbo

Last but not the least; Proxy Turbo is another free proxy website, which is known to be a useful tool to surf the Internet securely. Besides hiding your IP address, it provides you with something more in respect to privacy, which is SSL encryption. Its easy to use UI and compatibility with a massive number of social networking and online streaming websites make it ahead in its competition. All you need to do is, input the url of your desired website and hit ‘Go’ to experience a secure web access.

These best proxy websites will undoubtedly simplify your online security, so make the most out of them according your niche. We will keep updating this list if we figure out more useful proxy websites. Until then, stay safe online.

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