What is Link Building, Tactics & Right Anchor Text Ratio for Backlinking

Link building or backlinking in SEO is a practice to create your website’s backlinks on high authority websites for more website traffic and better online ranking. But, the concept of link building is often misunderstood by some of the newbie online marketing professionals.

A large number of SEO professionals believe that merely creating a massive number of backlinks is all that they need to boost their website’s organic ranking. They find high authority websites and keep creating “Do follow” and “No Follow” backlinks to raise their website’s online presence. I am sure that some of you must be doing the same for backlinking strategy. Right?

Then, Where’s the problem in Backlinking Strategy?


Well! Creating backlinks on high authority websites is certainly a proven factor to boost the ranking of any website. But, here we forget the significance of right anchor text ratio, which means that we keep creating unlimited backlinks on the exact match keyword (e.g., the targeted keywords only). However, exact match anchors are good for SEO, but they need to be in the right ratio. Hence, we need to follow the right link building tactics.

Let’s Understand the Concept of Link Building with a Quick Backlink Example

If your page is optimized for a keyword “best SEO company in Delhi”, and 100% of your anchors are “Best SEO company in Delhi”.

Well! This backlinking strategy will definitely make your website penalized by the Penguine algorithm.

So, why to take a chance? But, thanks to the right link building tactics that accelerate our SEO efforts. It’s why we are going to discuss the types and apt ratio of anchor text, which is extremely helpful to create a solid backlinking profile.

NOTE: Here, you will find the proven percentage of anchor text on a specific project, which may vary a little bit according to the nature of your business.

Types of Anchor Text and their Ratio used in Link Building

Branded Anchors

These anchors are usually created on your brand’s name.

Example of Branded Anchor in Link Building: “eAppConnect Services”, “Microsoft”, “IBM”, etc.

Percentage of Branded Anchors in your Backlinking Strategy: 70%

Branded anchors are known to be the safest anchor text, if you own a brand name.

Generic Anchors

Genric anchors are those anchors that have call to action into them.

Example of Generic Anchors in link building: “Click Here”, “Go Here”, “Visit here”, etc.

Percentage of Generic Anchors in your Backlinking Strategy: 5%

Naked Link Anchors

In naked link anchors, you just need to input your website’s url.

Example of Naked Anchor Text in Link Building: https://www.eappconnect.com, www.eappconnect.com, eappconnect.com, etc.

Percentage of Naked Anchor Links in your Backlinking Strategy: 20%

Image Anchors

It’s a good practice to include striking images in your anchor text, and these types of anchors are called Image anchors. In order to read the text associated with image anchor text, Google makes use of ALT tag. They can be used moderately with relevant keywords.

Brand + Keyword Anchors

From the viewpoint of Penguine algorithm, this anchor text is one of the secure anchor texts which include the name of your brand and targeted keyword.

Example of Brand+Keyword Anchor in Link Building: eappconnect digital marketing company, Wallmart grocery store, etc.

LSI Anchors

LSI stands for Latent Symantec Indexing, which is all about adding variations to your main targeted keyword. Let’s understand it with an example if our main target keyword is “SEO service”

Example of LSI Anchor in Link Building Strategy: Digital marketing services, online marketing companies, boost online visibility, etc.

For adding variation to your main keyword, search it on Google and find the related searches present at the bottom of your Google search result page.

Percentage of LSI Anchors: 1 to 5% depending on your business vertical.

Partial Match Anchors

Partial match anchors are all about having some part of your targeted keyword in the anchor text. Suppose, your targeted keyword is “Best Digital Marketing institute”, here is the anchor text for the same:

e.g., “Online marketing training”

Percentage of Partial Match Anchors in Backlinking Strategy: 1 to 5% depending on your business vertical.

Exact Match Anchors

Exact match anchors are the anchors that match your main keyword. They can certainly increase your website’s ranking, if used moderately.

Example of Exact Match Anchors in Link Building: If your targeted keyword is “Best Digital Marketing Company”, your anchor text will be “Best Digital Marketing Company” too.

Percentage of Exact Match Anchors Backlinking Strategy: 1% or less.

Since, you are not bombarding your website with keyword rich anchor text, creating relevancy in your anchor text is certainly a great idea. This can be done by adding your targeted keywords around your anchor text and that needs to appear natural.

Using these link building tactics will not only help you boost your website’s ranking, but also secure your website against Penguine algorithm penalties. So, build great digital marketing strategies and stay ahead your business vertical. Good luck!

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