What is Technical Writing & Its Types – Purpose

Purpose of technical writing? Types of technical writing? How to choose the best technical writing company or documentation company ? Do you want to know what is technical writing? What are the types of technical writing? How technical writing can help your business grow? If these questions are there in your mind, then this piece of content will certainly be helpful. Well! Let’s start from the scratch.

Purpose of Technical Writing or What it is ?

Technical writing is a field, based on catering information to users who need guidance to perform a defined task. Technical communication is used to explain specific information pertaining to any software, device usage or other activity, requiring some steps to be performed. Hence, the purpose of technical writing is fulfilled if the documentation of your business process is streamlined.

Types of Technical Writing or What Technical Writers Do?

Technical writers are supposed to create documentation related to software user guides, online help, Scope of Work (SOW), troubleshooting guides, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and associated documents. They closely work with software engineers, graphic designers, project managers, and other technical professionals to develop documents according to their business requirements.

What Skills are required to be a Technical Writer?

A technical writer must possess the fusion of quality writing and the ability to understand various technologies and their workflow. By quality writing, we mean the person should be able to write concisely and meaningful sentences according to process requirement. Beyond this, here are some additional skills, a technical writer must possess:

  • Technical Editing,
  • Graphic Design Knowledge,
  • Document Development Life cycle,
  • Zeal to Learn New Technologies,

Technical Writing Beyond Our Perception

Most of us believe that technical writing is merely limited to writing user manuals. But, in reality it is far more diversified than our perception about technical writing. Here are the core types of technical writing:

  • User manuals
  • Online help
  • Technical Tutorials
  • Business Proposals
  • Quick reference guides
  • White papers
  • Marketing documents
  • Training materials
  • User assistance (FAQs)
  • Simulations
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

How to choose the best technical writing company

Last, but not the least, choosing the best technical writing company may be a daunting task for some of us. If you are looking for the best technical writing company, make sure that the technical writer is capable enough to understand your project. The common technical writing tools are Robohelp, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Framemaker, SnagIT and Photoshop. It is recommended to ask your technical writer if he/she has thorough knowledge about these software platforms. You can also ask about the technical writing work samples to ensure that your project is going in the right hands.

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